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  1. Old Testament


The Story of the Bible: Vol. I - The Old Testament

…this groundbreaking new series,  The Story of the Bible . Their encounter with Scripture will never be the same. Text Book Volume I, The Old Testament, begins the journey. In these pages children will: •  Visit the Garden of Eden •  Board Noah’s ark •  Climb…


A Catholic Introduction to The Bible - The Old Testament

…book of the Old Testament. Unlike other introductions, this volume not only examines the language, literature, and culture of the Old Testament from a historical perspective. It also interprets the Old Testament from a theological perspective, drawing on the New Testament, the living Tradition,…


ST. JOSEPH N.A.B. (Fine Art Edition) N.A.B.R.E

Includes Old and New Testament Official Catholic translation Padded binding with gold paged edging Details This St. Joseph New American Catholic Bible includes the complete Old and New Testaments in large, easy-to-read type with detailed, understandable footnotes and cross references. This official…

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The Navarre Bible Old Testament - Complete Set

The Navarre Bible Old Testament is a compilation of the full biblical text used in the Revised Standard Version (RSV) as well as the New Vulgate. The faculties of theology at the University of Navarre have included extensive commentaries and notes to help the reader better understand the doctrinal…


The Navarre Bible - Major Prophets

…the Old Testament: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel. In the language of the Bible, the words "prophet", "prophecy" etc. have quite a broad meaning, but all refer primarily to the idea of "speaking in the name of God". While each of these books of the Old Testament

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Come and See Series- Isaiah

From the popular Come and See Catholic Bible Study series, this installment focus on the Old Testament book of the Prophet Isaiah. God’s people have rebelled; they have become a sinful nation. But God calls His people back, through Isaiah, with a message of judgment, consolation, and hope.…


The Story of the Bible: Vol. I - The Old Testament [CD]

…This  Volume I  Audio Book contains all 119 Old Testament stories from  The Story of the Bible , totaling nearly 7.5 hours of educational entertainment for the whole family. The Story of the Bible: Vol. I - The Old Testament [CD] Dramatized Audio CDs Brings the biblical narratives…


St. Joseph NAB Brown Personal Size Gift Edition Bible

…to purchase an older NAB translation to exactly match the Mass readings, because they are no longer in print. New American Bible Contains Old and New Testament in easy-to-read type Convenient & Compact Sized Gift Edition Available in multiple colors 4 ½" x 6½ " Flexible & soft…


The Story of the Bible: Vol. I - The Old Testament [DVD]

…graphics. After viewing these lectures, students will be better equipped to turn to their activity books and test books with confidence. The Story of the Bible: Vol. I - The Old Testament [DVD] DVD lessons created especially for children Engaging and exciting 4 disc set Approx. 6 hrs in total length


Old Testament Hidden Pictures Book (Ages 6-10)

8 1/2" X 11" 16 page Coloring/Activity Book. These coloring/activity books are not only fun but also educational. The easy-to-understand text and applicable pictures make Bible stories come alive. Ages 6-10

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The Psalms - New Catholic Version

New translation of the Book of Psalms of the Old Testament, which is often termed the "Gospel of the Holy Spirit." It is printed with copious informative notes and cross-references. Also includes introductory material on how to pray the Psalms with the mind of the Church. Cover is Green…


The Catholic Bible for Children

…both the Old and New Testament are vividly retold and illustrated for young people. Also included are chapters on the prophets and the psalms. In the back is a glossary of important people, places and objects, providing added information. Wonderful illustrations Old and New Testaments For ages 6…


Catholic Children's Bible - White

…which features full color illustrations and stories from both the Old and New Testaments. Features include an introduction, explanation of the Catholic Church, presentation page and maps of the Old Testament and New Testament worlds. Can be personalized for a wonderful gift. Catholic Children's…


Fireside Personal Study Bible (NAB-RE)

Personal Study Edition Revised - Catholic New American Bible Revised Edition The New American Bible Revised Edition has the 2011 revised Old Testament & Psalms. The Official Translation approved for Liturgy by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Includes: - 156-page Catholic…

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My Rhyme Bible Time for Little Ones

…they hear and see many of their beloved Bible characters come to life. Give them their first look at Adam and Eve, Noah, and Abraham from the Old Testament and Jesus and His disciples from the new. Beautifully written and illustrated for children ages 5 and under, this collection of short, memorable…


St. Joseph NAB Blue Personal Size Gift Edition Bible

…Family Record Section This version of the New American bible has the 1986 revised New Testament, the 1991 revised Psalms, and the 1970 Old Testament version. New American Bible Contains Old and New Testament in easy-to-read type Convenient & Compact Sized Gift Edition Available in multiple…


My Daily Catholic Bible: 20-Minute Daily Readings

…Scripture into 365 segments, one for each day of the year; features two small, manageable readings for each day, one from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament; offers an insightful quote from a saint for every day. There's never been an easier way to read the Bible. You don't…


The Navarre Bible New Testament - Complete Set

…The Navarre Bible - Corinthians The Navarre Bible - Captivity Letters The Navarre Bible - Thessalonians The Navarre Bible - Hebrews The Navarre Bible - Catholic Letters The Navarre Bible - Revelation See also: The Navarre Bible Old Testament - 7 Vol. Set See our entire selection of Navarre Bibles.


Exodus - Ignatius Catholic Study Bible

Large format, featuring large text size and additional margin space for personal annotations! The larger format enhances both individual and group study. Based on the Revised Standard Version - Second Catholic Edition , this volume leads readers through a penetrating study of the Book of Exodus…


A Brave Big Sister

…Egypt, she was ready to lead. With God’s help, you can be just like Miriam—called and courageous! Creative way to share the Old Testament with children Learn about the story of Moses and Miriam Inspire children to follow Miriam's example of courage 9" (W) x 9" (H) Pages: 48 Format:…

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Priest, Prophet, King (Bible Study) [Study Guide]

…clearly through the lens of the Old Testament. Through this deeply biblical program, you will better understand Jesus, become more familiar with Scripture, and realize your own priestly, prophetic, and kingly mission. The DVD presents the Old Testament foreshadowing of each of Jesus’…


Deuteronomy 6:5 Silver Bangle [Silver]

This bangle is inspired by a beloved, moving proclamation in the Old Testament: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength…Impart these words upon your children…recite them morning and night and bind them around your wrist”…

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Pray the Rosary With the Psalms (DVD)

…Psalms also includes Pope John Paul II's new "Luminous Mysteries." Each Hail Mary and Our Father is accompanied by relevant verses from the New Testament and inspiring quotes from the Holy Father's Apostolic letter Rosarium Virginis Maria , making this presentation the perfect introduction to the…


ST. JOSEPH N.A.B. (Family Edition) N.A.B.R.E

…Joseph New American (Catholic) Bible is truly the most elegant edition of all Bibles from Catholic Book Publishing. Includes the complete Old and New Testaments in the largest print (14-pt. type) of any Catholic family Bible. Over 100 superb full-color illustrations, full-color maps of the Bible…

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