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  1. Order Of The Mass In Spanish

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20 Marian Devotions by Country in Latin America

…big deal in Latin America.  Catholic Latinos celebrate a lo grande with processions, hymns, fireworks, and cultural events in her honor. It is part of the culture, a tradition; it is the Spanish heritage, and a way of living where you may hear people exclaiming ¡Virgen Santísima! in everyday…

How to Use the Magnificat Magazine

…there is the Order of the Mass with red page edges for quick reference during Mass. Several of the prayers in the Order are in English and Latin. For reference there is a Liturgical Calendar on the inside front cover and indexes of hymns, meditations, psalms, and canticles in the back. Towards…

A Pilgrim's Reflections on the Pope's Visit to Philadelphia

in a white chasuble and stole from their native countries. Escorts carried the umbrellas protecting the ciborium that each priest was carrying, filled with the Blessed Sacrament. I watched in awe and joy as again the crowds pressed against the barricades where the umbrellas were stopped in order to…

Get to Know Our New Holy Father: Pope Francis

…a cardinal in 2001, he assigned him the Roman church named after the Jesuit Saint Robert Bellarmino: Doctor of the Church, top Council of Trent theologian, and Counter-Reformation scholar. * He served as the ordinary for Eastern Catholics in Argentina and is familiar with the mass of St. Chrysostom.…

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

…denominations at St. Joseph's Church in Manhattan. Saturday 4/19/08 St. Patrick's Cathedral is where Pope Benedict XVI will start his day. He will be holding mass for priests, deacons and members of religious orders. Later that day there will be a rally/prayer service in Yonkers, NY at St. Joseph's…

My "God Incident" with Our Lady of Perpetual Help

…Alphonsus in honor of Alphonsus Liguori, a bishop and Doctor of the Church who founded the Redemptorists religious order. St. Alphonsus is the patron saint of confessors and theologians, and the church named after him in Rome has the original icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. In fact, the…