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  1. Our Lady Of Loreto

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Sterling Silver 18.5 Our Lady of Loreto Medal

Sterling Silver 18.5 Our Lady of Loreto Medal. Sterling Silver 18" solid curb chain included. High quality craftsmanship From the Stuller religious jewelry line Weight: 1.4 DWT (2.18 grams)

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Our Lady of Perpetual Help Medal [Silver]

On a recent buying trip to Loreto, Italy, we found these beautiful Marian necklaces featuring full-color Our Lady images displayed on a small oval medal with a clear enamel coating.  This particular necklace, featuring the famous Our Lady of Perpetual Help icon, is especially lovely.  The…

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In Conversation With God - Vol. 7 - Special Feasts, July - December

…Mary St. Andrew Immaculate Conception of Our Lady: Morning Star House of Gold Handmaid of the Lord Cause of Our Joy Mystical Rose Mother Most Amiable Refuge of sinners Gate of Heaven December: St. Francis Xavier St. Nicholas of Bari Our Lady of Loreto Our Lady of Guadalupe See other In Conversation…

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The House of the Virgin Mary: The Miraculous Story of Its Journey from Nazareth to a Hillside in Italy

Our Lady of Loreto and her Holy House, and to receive from devotion to them the many new heavenly graces and benefits the Church promises will be yours. The House of the Virgin Mary: The Miraculous Story of Its Journey from Nazareth to a Hillside in Italy Discover the story of the house Our Lady


Nothing Short of A Miracle & The House of The Virgin Mary (2 Book Set)

…House and Our Lady of Loreto. Believers will be thrilled and consoled by the evidence presented here; skeptics will have their skepticism tempered and many will even come to see the truth about the Holy House: it is a miraculous dwelling, testimony in stone to the loving power of our God.…


The Glories of Mary

…in the Litany of Loreto, and a description of Our Lady's death. The Glories of Mary is the greatest compendium of nearly 18 centures of teaching on Our Lady andn will lead many souls to a greater love of Jesus through a more intimate knowledge of Mary and her exalted role in our salvation. The…

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Mother Thrice Admirable, Schoenstatt Madonna Framed Print

The Schoenstatt Madonna, also known as Our Lady of Schoenstatt, is an image of Mary under the title "Mother Thrice Admirable."  The Schoenstatt movement is a Marian movement that orginated in Bavaria, Germany, and has since spread all over the world. The title Mother Thrice Admirable…

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Miraculous Medal Blue Enamel [Blue]

Crafted by artisans in the hills outside of Loreto, Italy, this stunning Miraculous Medal necklace is covered with a lovely aqua blue enamel, making it a stunning jewelry gift for anyone with a special devotion to Our Lady.  Blue is Mary's color, so the color combined with the medal makes a…

Our Lady of Loreto (Loretto). Read the fascinating history of this Marian title in our #MorningOffering…

Our Lady of Loreto (Loretto). Read the fascinating history of this Marian title in our #MorningOffering…

Our Lady of Loreto (Loretto). Read the fascinating history of this Marian title in our #MorningOffering…

Our Beautiful Queen: Lessons on the Queenship of Mary

…Ephrem (4th century) referred to Mary as “Lady” and “Queen.” St. John Damascene (7th century) spoke beautifully of Mary in a sermon: “We, too, approach thee to-day, O Queen; and again, I say, O Queen, O Virgin Mother of God, staying our souls with our trust in thee, as with a strong anchor. Lifting…

Day 21: Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary

…means is a true devotion to our Blessed Lady. There are several true devotions to our Lady: here I do not speak of those which are false. The first consists in fulfilling our Christian duties, avoiding mortal sin, acting more out of love than with fear, praying to our Lady now and then, honoring her…

Day 22: Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary

…with Him. Reading True Devotion To the Blessed Virgin Mary by St. Louis de Montfort : #106–#110 Marks of authentic devotion to our Lady True devotion to our Lady is interior; that is to say, it comes from the spirit and the heart. It flows from the esteem we have of her, the high idea we have…

Day 24: Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary

…We make more progress in a brief period of submission to, and dependence on, Mary than in whole years of our own will, and of resting upon ourselves. This practice of devotion to our Blessed Lady is also a perfect path by which to go and unite ourselves to Jesus, because the divine Mary is the most…

Day 16: Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary

…("Lord, let me know myself") , or Veni Sancte Spiritus ("Come, Holy Spirit") together with the Litany of the Holy Spirit. They will turn to our Blessed Lady and beg her to obtain for them that great grace which is the foundation of all others, the grace of self-knowledge. For this intention they…

Day 25: Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary

…humility, which will make you despise yourself, despise nobody else, but love to be despised yourself. Second Effect: A share in Mary's faith Our Blessed Lady will give you also a portion of her faith, which was the greatest of all faiths that ever were on earth, greater than the faith of all the…

Day 26: Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary

…principally in the heart and interior of a man ;according to that word, "The kingdom of God is within you," ;in like manner the kingdom of our Blessed Lady is principally in the interior of a man, that is to say, his soul; and it is principally in souls that she is more glorified with her Son than…

Day 23: Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary

our Lady, in order to belong entirely and altogether to Jesus by her. We must give her; 1. Our body, with all its senses and its members; 2. Our soul, with all its powers; 3. The exterior goods of fortune, whether present or to come; 4. Our interior and spiritual goods, which are our merits and our

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