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  1. Parables For Children

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Miracles and Parables of Jesus - Find the Picture Puzzles / Activity Book

…ready-to-color illustrations. Each picture contains "hidden" objects for the child to find. Every scene includes a caption and Scriptural reference. Instructions on how to look up biblical citations are also provided to encourage children to read the stories in their own Bibles. Key Features: Double…


Lessons from Pope Francis for Children

…story from the Bible—from the parable of the Good Samaritan to the wedding feast at Cana. This is a wonderful way for children to understand the Holy Father’s teachings as they grow in their Catholic faith.  Lessons from Pope Francis for Children Author: Angela M. Burrin Beautifully…

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Stories Jesus Told

for home, parish, and classroom use, each of these four minute parables can be used as introductions to lesson plans. Stories Jesus Told: Parables for Kids An audio/video experience of Jesus' parables Catholic Children's DVD for ages 3-8 Bonus 25 min. teaching tools feature Great for home,…

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Mary Zitnik - Totally Catholic CD - Fun Songs for Kids

…anthem devoted to Saint Michael, it is engaging from beginning to end. While the album is meant for children, adults also find themselves inspired and thus, Totally Catholic is sure to be a family favorite for years to come. Song Selection: 1. Am I Listenin' 2. E-U-C-H-A-R-I-S-T 3. Be Humble 4.…

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The Catholic Comic Book Bible: The Gospel of Luke

…illustrated comic-book style frames for every verse A graphic novel-style binding, making it easy to read on-the-go Stylized illustrations to indicate when Jesus is telling a parable Chapter and verse numbering for easy reference Your children and teens will reach for God’s Word again and…


The Sheep That No One Could Find

…most wonderful sound. He had left all his flock For one sheep who was lost— To rescue and save him No matter the cost.   The parable of the lost sheep meets adventure story for children  Brightly colored illustrations Teaches children about repentance and forgiveness Brings the…

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Stories Jesus Told Coloring and Activity Book

…provide hours of entertainment as children color and hunt for the hidden pictures while learning bible stories. The illustrations are designed for children, ages 6-10, to enjoy. Answers are in the back of the book . For ages 6-10 years Hidden pictures! 12 Parables 8.5 x 11 inches 16 pages Softcover

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The Animated Passion Trilogy

…Each story teaches how to live our lives as we look forward to His return. Click here to view a preview of The Passion Trilogy The Animated Passion Trilogy High quality, scripturally accurate stories of Christ’s Passion Educational, yet easy for children to understand 90 minutes Contains 1 DVD

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Jesus Speaks To Me About Confession

…Zacchaeus, and the parables of the Prodigal Son and the Lost Sheep. This keepsake book makes a wonderful gift for any child preparing for First Penance! Jesus Speaks To Me About Confession Beautiful illustrations, easy to read Includes an examination of conscience for children Contains the Act…


Popular Prayers Scripture Cube

…weight, a decorative accent, a subtle statement of faith. Made of solid mahogany, it features beloved and well-known prayers and parables on each of its sides. Ideal for home or office. Popular prayers scripture cube Crafted of mahogany Six-sided engraved cube Unique gift idea Versatile and fun…

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The Life of Jesus - A Graphic Novel

…divisions provide themes for Jesus' teachings About the Author: Ben Alex is the author of almost 40 books, ranging from children's books to biographies, inspirational, and adult spirituality. He received the coveted C.S. Lewis Gold Medal for best Christian children's book. He has also…

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White First Communion Bible - NABRE

…Bible that they will use for years to come.  This is a full Bible and is updated with the New Mass. This is not a picture Bible.  Special Features include: • Christ’s Parables and Miracles • List of the Popes • Presentation Pages Specifically for First Communion •…


Navy First Communion Bible - NABRE

A beautiful gift Bible. Share the Word of God with a special  person in your life. Special Features include:  Christ’s Parables and Miracles, List of Popes,  Seven Sacraments, The Apostles' Creed, The Nicene Creed, and The Rosary. Complete Bible with 1394 pages. Includes a…


Animated Bible Classics - The Good Samaritan (DVD)

Children of all ages will love this parable about the stranger with a heart of gold who shows us what it really means to "love thy neighbor." Recommended for ages 4 to 8. Running Time: Approximately 45 minutes, Dolby Digital Stereo. Directed by Richard Rich, former Walt Disney Productions director.…


Baltimore Catechism No. 4

…appreciate, practice and defend Church teaching. Catechists and parents will find this Catechism an invaluable teaching tool as they prepare children and catechumens to receive the Sacraments and lead authentic Catholic lives. Students will find this an uncomplicated and friendly guide to authentic…


Brother Francis: Forgiven DVD

…and instructive, "Brother Francis: Forgiven!" is a joyous way to help children understand God's love through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This episode includes: "The Parable of the Tax Collector" – an entertaining, animated depiction of Jesus'…

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In Conversation With God - Vol. 4 - Ordinary Time, Weeks 13-23

…supernatural mission of the Church Prudent and simple Love for Truth Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time: The parable of the sower Love and veneration for the priesthood The Good Samaritan Parents and their children's vocation Sorrow for sin Our Father, God Our Lord's yoke is light Our Lord's Passover…


In Conversation With God - Vol. 5 - Ordinary Time, Weeks 24-34

…one and only Father To love with deeds Zacchaeus Without waiting for a reward Christian solidarity The fruits of the Cross The friend of sinners To pray for the dead Serving one master Thirty-second Week in Ordinary Time: The parable of the ten virgins The value of almsgiving The dignity of the…


8 (Spiritual) New Year's Resolutions for Catholics

…Mary to three shepherd children at Fatima, Portugal. In this most prophetic of all Marian apparitions, Our Lady of Fatima made urgent pleas for mankind to reform themselves and pray her rosary daily, along with other grave messages and warnings with dire consequences for the entire world. Her…

A Mother's Tears: The Story of Our Lady of La Salette

…Revolution—Our Lady appeared to two shepherd children, Maximin Giraud and Melanie Calvat, in La Salette, France. She was weeping, and she told them of a time of impending trial for France as well as for the whole world. Our Lady first spoke to the two children together before entrusting them each…

Day 17: Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary

…to the God Who knows all your sins? Why do you not provide for yourself against the day of judgment when no man can be excused or defended by another because each will have enough to do to answer for himself? Luke 16:1 ;8 The Parable of the Dishonest Manager Then Jesus said to the disciples, "There…

Early Christian Iconography in St. Priscilla's "Queen of the Catacombs"

…Domitian for atheism, that is, his refusal to worship the Roman gods because he was Christian. St. Priscilla buried him on land they owned, in what was once a quarry, and donated the property to the Church so that others could also be laid to rest there. St. Priscilla was also martyred for her…

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Pope Francis Delivers TED Talk: Watch & Read Here

…hands and our heart to comfort the other, to take care of those in need. 14:13 Tenderness is the language of the young children, of those who need the other. A child’s love for mom and dad grows through their touch, their gaze, their voice, their tenderness. I like when I hear parents talk to their…