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  1. Patron Saint Of Grandmothers

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St. Anne Figure 4.5" [Multi-Colored]

Anne, comes from the word Hannah, meaning "favor" and "grace." St. Anne was the mother of Mary and the grandmother of Jesus. She is patron of many things, including grandparents, homemakers, and moving house. This wonderful image of Anne teaching Mary was crafted by the artisans…

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St. Anne Figurine

This lovely Saint Anne statue depicts her with her daughter, the Virgin Mary, seated at her side. There is a sweetness and tenderness in the design, which is painted in rich color. Saint Anne is the patron of unmarried women, housewives, women in labor, and grandmothers, among other things. Since…


St. Anne Handmade Statue

…lives. They both wanted children, and one day an angel came to St. Anne and told her she was with child. St. Anne is the Patron saint of grandmothers because she is the grandmother to Christ. This unique statue makes a wonderful gift for grandparents or those with a special devotion to St. Anne. St.…

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St. Anne - Mini Lives of the Saints Folded Prayer Card

…St. Anne on the back cover.  This "Mini Lives of the Saints" prayer card offers readers an artistically crafted, informative reference into the life of St. Anne. St. Anne is known as the Patron Saint of grandmothers, mothers, housewives, house keepers, and woman in labor.   Feast…

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St. Anne Medal with Chain, Handmade Pewter [Silver]

…Anne is the patron of grandmothers because she was the grandmother of Jesus of Nazareth. She is also the patron of those who struggle with infertility. This medal comes with a small saint card, making this great to give as a gift. St. Anne saint medal Patron saint of grandmothers Unique artisan…

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St Anne Figure 7"

…Mary, the mother of Jesus. Anne is the patron of grandmothers because she was the grandmother of Jesus of Nazareth. Made of quality stone-like material. Makes a wonderful Mother's Day gift or simply place anywhere where peace is needed. Patron of grandmothers Resin/Stone mix Measures: 7"H…

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Handmade St. Anne Statue [Brown]

Patron of Grandmothers; Patron of Women Hoping to Become Pregnant Handmade in the U.S.A. Details Saint Anne and her husband, Joachim, were childless late into their lives, though they both desperately wanted a child. In desperation, Joachim went into the desert to fast and pray for a child. At…

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The Story of St. Roch, Patron Saint of Dogs and Dog Lovers

…powers. Many of these town have chosen him as their patron. St. Roch is often depicted as a pilgrim with a walking staff and seashell (the symbol of a pilgrim), an open sore on his leg, an angel by his side, and a dog at his feet. He is the patron saint of dogs, dog owners, knee problems, surgeons,…

Top 4 Marian Devotions in Latin America

…tradition that every last Saturday in October, Venezuela celebrates la Bajada (Spanish for "bringing down"), and it means the bringing of their patron saint from its normal place inside the chapel to be celebrated by the people. Here is a video to illustrate you the way people celebrate the feast…

The Story of the Miraculous Discovery of St. Anne's Relics in France

…which her relics arrived in southern France in the first century, and the great saints who brought them there. A wonderful and little-known part of our Catholic Church history! St. Anne is one of the most venerated saints in Church history, because it is through her that God sent the gift of the…

12 Inspiring Religious Paintings & Their Meanings

…are the "great cloud of witnesses." The figures are (from left to right): Saint Peter, Adam, Saint John the Evangelist, David, Saint Laurence, Judas Maccabees, Saint Stephen, Moses, Saint James the Elder, Abraham, and Saint Paul. They are observing the scene below from their place in heaven. Below…

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