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  1. Personalized Baptism Bible

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My Baptism Bible Catholic Edition

…children, many grandchildren, and a husband who is a Church of England clergyman. My Baptism Bible Children's Picture Bible that includes stories and prayers Features gift presentation page and family & baby record pages Makes a beautiful Baptismal gift Padded Hard Cover Trim size: 5.31" X 6.69"


Personalized Silver Bible My First Rosary Keepsake Box - 3.5"

…child's first rosary. It is designed in the shape of a bible, featuring a cross on front along with the words, "My First Rosary." Velveteen-lined, it has lovely detailing inside and out. Best of all, it comes personalized with the little one's name, making it that much more…

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A Catholic Child's Baptismal Bible

…indeed... and it can be personalized for you! This beautiful little gift bible for the special gift from God has a padded cover with gold stamping and page edges. This book contains bible stories with large pictures - perfect for little ones. Includes Baptismal Certificate page. Gift boxed. …

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The Catholic Verses: 95 Bible Passages That Confound Protestants

…of the whole Bible) supports the Catholic position on the key issues that divide Protestants from Catholics. Here is Biblical evidence that Catholicism is right about the nature of baptism, the communion of saints, the Eucharist, and the Church; the authority of the Pope, the Bible, and tradition;…


White Dove Personalized Prayer Card (Priced Per Card)

…In the Bible, a dove was seen coming down to Christ at His Baptism. The white dove is also appropriate as a funeral card or memorial card. The card can also be printed and used as a Thank You note for your special occasion. Select a prayer or provide your own, these can be personalized to suit…


My Baptism Remembrance Book

…God's family tree and a family tree to personalize  Explanations of the significance, rite, and symbols of Baptism  Illustrated Bible stories linked to Baptism  Traditional Catholic prayers  Prompts for writing personal prayers  Sacramental record pages for First…

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The Most Holy Rosary (CDs)

…Dr. Hahn's personal reflections on many aspects of this most Catholic of private devotions. According to Scott, despite Protestant claims to the contrary, the Holy Rosary is a very biblical prayer. In fact he asserts that through the Rosary the Church invites her children to a virtual Bible study of…

A Catholic Child's Baptismal Bible | The Catholic Company

A Catholic Child's Baptismal Bible | The Catholic Company

Find this A Catholic Child's Baptismal Bible at The Catholic Company here: A thoughtful gift in honor of a child's baptism, this Baptism Bible can be personalized on the front of the white padded cover. Features gold stamping,…

Baptism Gifts and Their Importance

…a baptism gift which will nourish their life with Christ for many years to come. Baptism gifts could be a part of your loved one’s life for longer that you could imagine. I still have my first Catholic Bible which I received from my Godparents on the day of baptism. I have turned to this Bible many…

Why Do Catholics Choose A Saint’s Name At Baptism?

…Catholics do present a saintly or biblical name for their child at Baptism, and why those who convert to Catholicism may choose to take an additional name when they are baptized. The Choosing and Changing of Names in the Bible The Bible gives us many vivid examples of significant circumstances…

Sacrament Spotlight: Holy Communion

…this is an appropriate age for children to receive the Sacrament.  The Eastern Church gives First Holy Communion to infants on the day of their baptism (CCC 1244).  Why is attaining reason important to Roman Catholics?  I think this is in order to ensure Holy Communion is given due reverence and…

Prayer Cards/Holy Cards

…– Yes that's right! A birthday keepsake prayer card. What better way to recognize that special birthday person than by creating a special card with their favorite prayer or Bible verse to hand out to all the guests at their party. Now don't just think of a kid's party … aren't we all…

Our 2016 First Communion Gift Guide Video

…FIRST COMMUNION GIFT GUIDE Catholic Bible - every child should have their own age-appropriate Bible to encourage them to nourish their new relationship with Jesus by spending time reading from God's Word. There are lots of options that can also be personalized with their name and date of their First…

Basic Mariology - Part 1: The Immaculate Conception

…innocence.  The Church took these into deep consideration and held them as pointing to the Immaculate Conception of Mary. Important Bible Verses By no means does the Bible explicitly state the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception, but it does indirectly point to it.  Genesis 3:15 was read by even…

Information about the Rosary

…the definition of "indulgence". In the bible, sin is viewed as having two basic consequences: guilt and punishment. Guilt is washed away when a person seeks forgiveness, however the need for punishment remains. To completely clear away sin the person must perform an action that will work towards…

Don't Start Christmas without Advent: Here's Everything You Need to Know!

…Eve. Christmas feast celebrations continue until Epiphany on January 6th, with the longer Christmas liturgical season ending on the feast of the Baptism of Jesus. Advent is given to us as a time to prepare our souls for the coming of the Lord. Advent is to Christmas what Lent is to Easter. In modern…

How to Write a Confirmation Letter

…from different sources: friends, loved ones, or mentors within the Church.   Trying to find words of inspiration from the Bible, the Catechism, or from our own personal experience can be difficult, though. Are you stuck in a rut trying to write a letter like this? If so, you are not alone.  While…

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