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  1. Personalized Confirmation Holy Cards

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Gifts of the Spirit Personalized Confirmation Prayer Cards

…the Confirmation of a loved one. These beautiful prayer cards are ready for you to custom print with your own prayer on the back. Gifts of the Holy Spirit prayer card Printed in Italy Full color depiction Celebrate your Confirmants Ideal Confirmation favors Priced individually Personalization


Personalized Confirmation Keepsake Box

…such as prayer cards, patron saint medals, and rosaries.   Personalized Confirmation Box Includes Confirmation symbolism Makes a great keepsake! Handmade linden wood box Attractive cherry coloring Personalization included in price Font shown will be used for personalization Name will be…


Holy Spirit Personalized Prayer Cards (Priced Per Card)

Perfect for a Confirmation or RCIA celebration, these prayer cards feature 8 different images of a dove, a Bible, and a bishop's mitre (his hat) and his crosier (his staff). Made in Italy. Cards are micro-perforated.


Holy Spirit Personalized Prayer Card (Priced Per Card)

A gorgeous visual reminder of the gifts given to us at Pentecost, this prayer card has an image of the Holy Spirit with the tongues of fire raining down on Earth. Perfect for RCIA or Confirmation keepsake cards. Made in Italy. Cards are micro-perforated.


Gifts of the Holy Spirit Personalized Prayer Card - Spanish

Perfect for a Confirmation or RCIA celebration, these prayer cards feature the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit in Spanish. Made in Italy. Cards are micro-perforated.


Confirmation Certificate

…Piety, and Fear of the Lord extending out from the Cross and Dove. Also includes the words, "Come Holy Spirit...fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love." Measures 8 by 10 inches and includes lines for personalization and the date and place of confirmation.

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Descent of the Holy Spirit Personalized Prayer Card

Holy Spirit, when Our Lady and the Apostles were gathered together in the Upper Room. The back of the cards are blank so that you can have them personalized to fit your needs. Inspiring, beautiful, and suitable for a variety of occasions, especially for the Sacrament of Confirmation! Prayer cards

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White Dove Personalized Prayer Card (Priced Per Card)

Holy Spirit, in the form of a Dove, is a popular symbol for many Christian occasions. This prayer card can be used as a Confirmation or RCIA keepsake. In the Bible, a dove was seen coming down to Christ at His Baptism. The white dove is also appropriate as a funeral card or memorial card. The card


Holy Spirit Prayer Card Set [Silver]

Beautiful laminated Holy Spirit prayer card with matching 3/4" diameter Holy Spirit pendant. 24" continuous chain. Comes on card.


Mother Teresa Wisdom for Daily Life Cards

…Carrying with it the timeless spirit of this gentle voice, each card is brimming with the industrious love of Mother Teresa. 32 pearls of wisdom that give out encouragement, consolation, faith and love- as well as personal and practical advice for the relationships we have and want. …


Personalized Ave Maria Keepsake Box

…a dresser or table, it can store rosaries, prayer cards, or sacramental remembrances. Makes a wonderful gift for anyone with a special devotion to Our Blessed Mother.   The font shown will be used for personalization.  Personalized Ave Maria keepsake box Handmade  Attractive…


Trinity Cross Necklace with Prayer Card

Holy Trinity pewter cross. Featured on a longer length 24" chain for a stunning display of the love and undivided union of the three-persons of the Most Blessed Trinity. Includes a laminated prayer card.  Pewter Holy Trinity cross Longer length chain Includes prayer card Laminated card


Prayer Cards/Holy Cards

Card – Whether you're celebrating your or someone you love's, Baptism, Holy Orders, First Holy Communion, First Reconciliation, Confirmation or Holy Matrimony, a prayer card with a special prayer, poem, Bible verse or saying will make a cherished keepsake for years to come. Retreat Card

A Look At Holy Cards

…developed.  To this day I have a holy card with the image of the Divine Mercy which has encouraged me to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet frequently.  Many keep personalized holy cards/prayer cards from funerals and special occasions.  Do you still have any of the holy cards you have received over the…

30 Inspirational Saint Quotes for Confirmation

…See also The 5 Spiritual Effects of the Sacrament of Confirmation [adbutler zone_id="207190"] In light of these remarkable gifts bestowed on us through this special sacrament of the Holy Spirit, here are 30 saint quotes to help those being Confirmed to be strengthened in their Catholic faith and to…

Prayer Cards: A Simple, Profound Gift

…prayer card be for a sacrament, funeral, feast day, etc., they all have the same intention to encourage us to pray. And who doesn’t need that? Many prayer cards can also be personalized which allows for you to honor someone or add your own personal flair. For example, many funeral prayer cards allow…

How to “Choose” a Patron Saint

…struggling to provide for your family. Are you recently widowed and asking God to show you His plan for your life? A single person praying for God to bring you a holy, Catholic spouse? Are you experiencing a call to the religious life? Consider the saints who are patrons of these beautiful vocations…

God's Love - Keepsake Box

God's Love - Keepsake Box

…momentos, prayer cards, rosaries, and other small gifts and knicknacks. This wooden keepsake box displays an engraved blessing on the lid that reads, "May God's Love ... guide you, uphold you, protect you and enfold you" next to the Holy Spirit dove--making this a great Confirmation gift as well.…

Saints 911: How to Ask a Saint for Help and Protection

…Our Father, the Hail Mary, and the Glory Be. Be worthy. If you want to be more holy and worthy to receive what you ask, making a good confession beforehand and receiving Holy Communion is a must. Of course, the best person to advise you in this matter is your priest; I am just sharing my experience,…

How to Plan a First Communion Party

First Holy Communion is an important rite of passage in a young Catholic's life that usually happens around the age of seven or eight.  It is one of the three of the Sacraments of Initiation into the Catholic Church along with Baptism and Confirmation. [adbutler zone_id="207190"] At this major event…

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