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  1. Personalized Prayer Cards Head Of Christ

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Head of Christ (Sallman) Personalized Prayer Card (Priced Per Card)

One of the most universally popular images of Christ, makes a wonderful prayer card. Made in the USA. Cards are micro-perforated.


Head of Christ Personalized Prayer Card (Priced Per Card)

A modern image of the Head of Christ, with white background. Made in the USA. Cards are micro-perforated.


30 Inspirational Saint Quotes for Confirmation

…you will set the world on fire." — St. Catherine of Siena 11. "Only in Christ can men and women find answers to the ultimate questions that trouble them. Only in Christ can they fully understand their dignity as persons created and loved by God." — Pope St. John Paul II 12. "O Holy Spirit, descend…

Saints 911: How to Ask a Saint for Help and Protection

…the lack of knowledge can lead some to believe in superstitions. I have seen wrong ways to pray to a saint, for example through St. Jude prayer cards that read, "Don't break the chain," and if you do, there is a curse, and you will be crushed by a train, struck by a lighting, and the 7 plagues…

Saint Jude Thaddeus the most Surprisingly Popular Saint

…represented with a boat (he was a fisherman), an axe (he was beheaded), or a flame over his head (he was present in the Upper Room at Pentecost). * There exist numerous widely circulated prayers to St. Jude for intercession including St. Jude Prayer Cards and even a popular St. Jude Novena.

12 Inspiring Religious Paintings & Their Meanings

…between the Virgin's hand and the head of Christ, seems to tell us to imitate him, and as if completing an invisible cross. Meanwhile, the Christ Child tiny right arm is raised in a gesture of benediction, aimed at the infant Saint John, who clasps his hands in prayer. The circle is completed by the…

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