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  1. Pieta Rosary

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Glass Pearl Pieta Rosary

rosary beautifully connects the Pieta image with the Gospel of the "pearl of great price". To Christ, your heart is the pearl worth giving everything for, and He proves His love by dying to save you. Soft, serene cream and pink colored pearl beads. Lovely tinted glass pearl beaded rosary

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The Pieta Prayer Book

…St. Joseph over 1900 yrs. old Hail Mary of Gold 9. Three Very Beautiful Prayers Prayer to the Infant of Prague Prayers after Mass and Communion The Rosary and Scapular Short Way of The Cross Prayer to the Shoulder Wound of Christ The Spiritual Communion Prayer or Blessing Against Storms The Angelus…

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Lavender Stained Glass Crucifix Rosary

rosary has a generous length and spacing between beads, and features a large, detailed Pieta centerpiece and unique stained glass style crucifix. Glass Our Father beads painted with roses add a lovely touch and make this a thoughtful gift of Marian devotion.  Lovely purple-pink toned rosary

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Pieta Corded Rosary

…of the Holy Rosary with this unique Pieta corded rosary inspired by Michelangelo's interpretation of Christ after His crucifixion. Brown wooden beads are paired with small cross beads for a simple yet powerful devotional for your prayer life.  Unique Pieta corded rosary Small cross prayer…

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The Pieta Prayer Book

The Pieta Prayer Book

…The Pieta Prayer Book from The Catholic Company, click here: The Pieta Prayer Book is one of our best-selling prayer books. It's also known as the Little Blue Prayer Book and contains many well-loved Catholic prayers. The Pieta Prayer…

Surprise Experience At The Monastery

… This was just one of the many pieces of Catholic statues they had.  Some of my favorite Catholic Art pieces were a St. Michael painting, a bronze pieta, and a painting of Jesus with eyes of deep sorrow.                          I began to wonder as I toured the monastery, “Why do they have so many…