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Poems Every Catholic Should Know

…relationships of the poets with each other and with the trials and tribulations of their day. This magnificent collection is essential for all poetry lovers for those who respond to the beauty of the written word penned in the service of spiritual truth. Carefully curated Beautifully bound An…

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Personalized Keepsake Box for Writers

…Whether your loved one is a journaler, writer, blogger, or student, this personalized box makes a unique gift, especially for English majors and poetry lovers. This is a fantastic, one-of-a-kind custom gift exclusive to The Catholic Company, designed by our art department. Makes a great gift for…

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Personalized Mug & Catholic Poems Book Gift Set

Love and thoughtfulness abound in this inspiring gift set! Your loved one can cozy up with this great collection of poetry and a mug with their name on it! Poems Every Catholic Should Know: This anthology provides some of the finest Christian verse written during the second millennium of…

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A Little Girl After God's Own Heart

Now the principles of Elizabeth George’s bestselling A Woman After God’s Own Heart (more than 730,000 copies sold) are shared in sweet poetry for little girls. Teaming up once again with popular artist Judy Luenebrink (God’s Wisdom for Little Girls) Elizabeth George shares the gift…


Night's Bright Darkness: A Modern Conversion Story

…Read converted to Catholicism in the space of nine electric months. In 2010, Read was heralded as one of the bright young writers of the British poetry scene. Feminist and deeply anti-Catholic, she was writing a book about female sexuality when, during her research, she spoke with a Catholic priest.…

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Coloring Book Be Still

Scripture from the Book of Psalms, with its beautiful poetry and rich imagery, is featured in 27 of the beautiful designs and ink drawings awaiting your coloring pleasure. Share the joy of coloring again and invite others to join you - the perforated pages make this a shareable pastime. When…

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Thou Art My Refuge: Psalms of Salvation and Mercy CD

…for contemplative listening at any place or time,  Thou Art My Refuge  will be welcomed by all who love the Psalms for their beautiful poetry and spiritual depth. Thou Art My Refuge: Psalms of Salvation and Mercy CD Beautiful, inspiring music A stunning way to become deeply familiar with…

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Dante's Paradise

…of the theological virtues - faith, hope, charity. Poetry of the Highest Order-  Professor Esolen who has served as your guide through both the  Inferno  and  Purgatory  will guide you through the profound and elevated poetry of  Paradise.  An expert who has taught…


Twenty Tales of Irish Saints

…Curtayne brings to these legends of Irish saints a rich grasp and a deep love of the Catholic faith of her native Ireland. She has unerringly chosen stories which will appeal to readers young and old and she tells them with the poetry and feeling that mark the work of every true Irish storyteller.

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Real Music Book & Joyful Noise Woodcut Gift Set

…Music: A Guide to Timeless Church Hymns  Book with Audio CD and "Joyful Noise" g-clef wood cutout Offers a rich introduction to the great poetry and classical study of traditional Catholic hymnals and choir music Lightweight maple woodcut painted deep black with laser-burned detail and…

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Real Music: A Guide to the Timeless Hymns of the Church

…the Church. It shows that, unlike much of what is sung in too many Catholic churches today, good music, “Real Music”, combines great poetry with doctrinally sound lyrics and beautiful melody.  With noted Catholic author Anthony Esolen as your guide and the St. Cecilia Choir as your…

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The Stories of Hymns

…while teaching us theology that reflects both the depth and complexity of Our Lord. Sacred hymns in our day have given way to “fifth-rate poetry set to fourth-rate music,” as C.S. Lewis once remarked. At times, the music used in worship can make us feel as though the culture is usurping…


The Navarre Bible - Wisdom Books

…is to be found in many Old Testament books, it is the predominant form in book of Psalms and the Song of Songs (or Song of Solomon). The lyric poetry in these separates them from the other books which consist mainly of proverbs or aphorisms in verse form, and wisdom poems in varying lengths. This…


Manual for Marian Devotion

…miracles and messages through the ages • Marian prayers and hymns from the Church's rich liturgical and devotional patrimony • Marian poetry   The Manual for Marian Devotion is designed to be small enough to travel with you everywhere: use it to nourish your love of Mary with the…

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Spiritual Manuals: Marian Devotion, Spiritual Warfare, & Adoration (3 Book Gift Set)

…miracles and messages through the ages • Marian prayers and hymns from the Church's rich liturgical and devotional patrimony • Marian poetry   Manual on Spiritual Warfare This guide for spiritual warriors will help you recognize, resist, and overcome the Devil’s attacks.…

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Manual for Marian Devotion & See How She Loves Us (2 Book Set)

…miracles and messages through the ages • Marian prayers and hymns from the Church's rich liturgical and devotional patrimony • Marian poetry   The Manual for Marian Devotion is designed to be small enough to travel with you everywhere: use it to nourish your love of Mary with the…


Splendors of the Creed

A stunning art book with audio CD to explore the treasures of our Faith through art, poetry, and meditation. In Splendors of the Creed each article of the Creed is highlighted by inspiring paintings, stained glass, sculptures, and architecture. Prayers and art commentaries underscore the eternal…


Life is Worth Living

…education, Christianity, relativity, and world affairs. He speaks about love, conscience, fear, motherhood, work. He tells amusing anecdotes, recites poetry, and ponders the fate of the free world as well as America's destiny. Among his many bestselling books, none has greater universal appeal…

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The Encounter: Discovering God Through Prayer

…use them to awaken and strengthen our prayer life. • And much more… Along the way, Ravasi weaves in classic works of art, fiction, poetry, and music, creating a rich tapestry of God’s goodness. Written with a loving and personal touch by one of the church’s premier teachers,…


Hail, Holy Queen: The Mother of God in the Word of God

…Immaculate Conception, Perpetual Virginity, Assumption, and Coronation. As he guides modern-day readers through passages filled with mysteries and poetry, Hahn helps them rediscover the ancient art and science of reading the Scriptures and gain a more profound understanding of their truthfulness and…


He Spoke to Us: Discerning God in People and Events

…those odd fellows named Madison and Jefferson, go not to Harvard but to Father Rutler, and he will bring them to life for you. It is the same with poetry, music, philosophy, theology, language, and the study of Scripture; Father Rutler is more poetical than the modern philosopher, more philosophical…


What Every Catholic Needs to Know About the Bible (DVD)

…more than the world’s most widely distributed book. The Sacred Scriptures are really a whole library of sacred books, letters, prophecy and poetry, all of which are believed to be inspired by God by millions around the world. But many read the Bible and never stop to ask, “Where did we…

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Magnificat Lenten Companion 2018

…in a convenient, easy-to-use format. Magnificat Lenten Companion 2018 Inspiring reflections from some of the most gifted Catholic writers for each day Faith-filled essays, prayers, poetry, and devotions Meditations for the Way of the Cross A treasury of spiritual insights 4.3 x 6.7 inches

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St. John of the Cross (1542–1591) was bo...

St. John of the Cross (1542–1591) was bo...

…to found and govern several Carmelite monasteries. St. John of the Cross became an authority on the spiritual life, and his profound writings and poetry are considered among the greatest of all Spanish literature. Because of his invaluable writings he was named a Doctor of the Church and the patron…

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