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  1. Pope Francis Takes The Bus

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Pope Francis Takes the Bus, And Other Unexpected Stories

…gain a clearer picture of Pope Francis—and will serve as inspiration for anyone seeking a humbler, more Gospel-guided daily life. Pope Francis Takes the Bus, And Other Unexpected Stories A delightful read for the whole family Shares stories about Pope Francis you may never have heard!…

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Francis: Pope of a New World

…cardinal who takes the bus, talks with common folk, and lives simply. It is the story of why the cardinal electors of the Catholic Church set aside political and diplomatic calculations to elect a pope to lead the renewal and purification of the worldwide Church of our time. Francis: Pope of a New…

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A Pilgrim's Reflections on the Pope's Visit to Philadelphia

…Pennsylvania, who wanted to share her reflections on her experience with the estimated 900,000 pilgrims for Pope Francis' visit to Philadelphia. We hope you enjoy! I began my journey to see Pope Francis not sure what to expect. I was prepared for big crowds, lots of standing, and a very long day. My…