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Prayer Before Meals Holy Card

Prayer Before Meals Holy Card Traditional Catholic Blessing Made in Italy  Details These prayer cards feature a beautiful image of the Resurrected Christ looking upward toward His Heavenly Father.  The reverse side is printed with the traditional Catholic Prayer Before Meals.  It…


The How-To Book of Catholic Devotions

…Sign of the Cross Pray the Morning Offering Say Grace Before Meals Perform Acts of Faith, Hope, and Love Pray the Angelus Make First Fridays and First Saturdays Make a Novena "Offer Up" Something Pray the Rosary Practice Mental Prayer Examine Your Conscience Fast and Abstain Consecrate…


Christmas "Bless Us O Lord" Tin Sign [White]

This casual tin sign would be welcome in any kitchen.  The beloved Catholic prayer before meals comes to life in Christmas colors and reminds us of just how much we have to be thankful for.  A marvelous hostess gift, but get one for your own kitchen, as well. Christmas "Bless Us O Lord"…

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Grace Before Meals & Spicing Up Married Life (2 Book Set)

…Language:  English Format:  Softcover Author:  Father Leo Patalinghug Two book set Grace Before Meals More than 30 healthy, easy-to-prepare recipes and dozens of family-friendly cooking and parenting tips Spicing Up Married Life Revive your date night - include recipes and prayers


Basic Prayers In My Pocket

Basic Prayers in My Pocket is the perfect size for bringing along to Church and holding in small hands. Fully illustrated, this handy booklet guides children through the basic prayers of the Catholic faith, including: grace before and after meals, the Act of Contrition, morning and night prayers,


Spicing Up Married Life: Satisfying Couples' Hunger for True Love

…     ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Fr. Leo Patalinghug is a priest of the archdiocese of Baltimore, author of Grace Before Meals: Recipes & Inspirations for Family Meals & Family Life , host of EWTN’s cooking show, “Savoring Our Faith,” radio personality, and winner of…


Harvest Bless Us O Lord Tin Sign [Multi-Colored]

… The beloved Catholic prayer before meals comes to life in autumn colors and reminds us of the true meaning of Thanksgiving. "Bless Us O Lord" Thanksgiving Tin Sign Original hostess gift idea Perfect for casual kitchen decor Beloved Catholic prayer before meals Catholic Company exclusive design…


"Bless Us O Lord" Dinner Napkins - Set of 6 [White]

…a beloved mealtime prayer. This contemporary, simple, and exclusive design will bring thoughtful blessings to your home and table. A thoughtful gift suited for every occasion. A practical conversation piece that invites family and guests to a moment of prayer before the meal is served. Napkin set…

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Epic Food Fight: A Bite-Sized History of Salvation

…radio host, and founder of the international movement  Grace Before Meals , which provides a pastoral theology of the Eucharist to strengthen the communion of the family (the Domestic Church) through the blessing of the meal. He is a popular author, internationally sought-out speaker, and an…


A Catholic Family Advent - Prayers and Activities

…Scripture, and do a simple activity together. This daily source of inspiration can be used in the family setting as prayer before or after meals, as morning and evening prayer, or as family time in front of the Advent wreath or Christmas Crèche. "Susan Hines-Brigger has a way of making…

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Catholic Book of Prayers for Children

Catholic Book of Prayers for Children

…contains classic Catholic prayers along with fun and colorful images. The Catholic Book of Prayer for Children is a great way to keep your children engaged while helping them learn the basic and common Catholic prayers, such as Acts of Faith, Hope, and Love, prayer before meals, and much more. To…

One of our favorite new pieces, a Thanks...

One of our favorite new pieces, a Thanks...

One of our favorite new pieces, a Thanksgiving turkey platter with the traditional Blessing Before Meals prayer. It's beautiful! Find it in time for the holidays here:

Prayers of Preparation for Mass

Prayer of St. Ambrose (Before Mass) I draw near to the table of your most delectable banquet, dear Lord Jesus Christ. A sinner, I trust not in my own merit; but, in fear and trembling, I rely on your mercy and goodness. I have a heart and body marked by my grave offenses, and a mind and a tongue I…

Parents: Get Your Kids Into the Kitchen to Learn Servant-Like Christian Faith

…us to talk about his successful family apostolate, Grace Before Meals, and his mission to make families understand that grace at mealtime is more than just a 5-second prayer of blessing over our food: The grace of God at the meal comes through the hands that feed. "If everyone has the intention,…

20 Ways to Pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory

…God, rest in peace. Amen." 12. Practice the tradition of praying the Eternal Rest prayer (above) before and after your meals as an easy way to remember to pray for the holy souls every day. You can also pray the prayer between the decades of your daily rosary. 13. Visit a cemetery: Pray over the…

5 Tips for Staying Catholic in College

…ministry, but if not, look to local parishes and Catholic charities. Pray  Don’t wait 'til the night before a gut-wrenching physics exam to call on God. (Although St. Thomas Aquinas' Prayer for Students is a great one to say while studying for a big test.  I'm convinced it is solely responsible…

The Spiritual Power of the Sign of the Cross

…expression of faith for both Catholic and Orthodox Christians.  As Catholics, it’s something we do when we enter a church, after we receive Communion, before meals, and every time we pray. But what exactly are we doing when we make the Sign of the Cross? Here are 21 things . . . " CONTINUE READING  

Meditations for Holy Week: Thursday

…institution of the "source and summit" of our Catholic Faith---the Holy Eucharist. On the night of the Last Supper, Jesus celebrated his final Passover meal with His disciples: "While they were eating, Jesus took bread, said the blessing, broke it, and giving it to his disciples said, 'Take and eat;…

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This Advent Activity Set Will Transform Your Child's Advent

…paper chain with 24 links…Each night, before you go to bed, ask Jesus to watch over someone you know. Maybe it’s your Mom or Dad. It could be a friend at school or someone who is sick…After you pray for that person, tear off a chain link. Each of your prayers gives HOPE to someone in your life.…

Meditations for Holy Week: Wednesday

…to anticipation. Spending a little time in prayer each day has helped us to identify some of our weakness and times we need to turn quickly to Christ for help. On the Wednesday of Holy Week we also remember the betrayal of Judas on the day before the Last Supper, and reflect on how we ourselves…

6 Ways to Deepen Your Relationship with Your Patron Saint

…with love and patience as they did. Just as we ask our friends in the world for their prayers, in the same way we ask our brothers and sisters in eternity. Because they are before the throne of God, their prayers are even more powerful. Talk to them as you would a friend sitting right beside you.…

12 Steps to a Great Catholic Christmas Gathering

…well. At this thought, many minds will immediately jump to "which means cleaning, and arranging, and cooking, and extra laundry and..." But WAIT! Before you start down a rabbit hole of anxious planning, don't forget that, as we face any situation, God's grace is there too - in abundance! It's always…

Everything You Need to Know about the Sacred Triduum

…Testament patriarchs, who died before his crucifixion. The Catechism of the Catholic Church calls Jesus' descent into the realm of the dead "the last phase of Jesus' messianic mission," during which he "opened heaven's gates for the just who had gone before him." Before Holy Saturday, there were no…