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  1. Prayer Bunny

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Baptismal Bunny

This adorable, prayerful baptismal bunny is a sweet gift for baby that encourages a life of prayer. Squeeze the bunny’s soft belly to hear the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be spoken in a real child’s voice. A perfect accompaniment to any bedtime snuggle routine.  Recites…

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Pink Lullaby Bunny

This adorable floppy-eared plush bunny rabbit will charm baby with its snuggly fabric and sweet sound of the instrumental lullaby "Jesus Loves Me." Simply squeeze her belly to start or stop her 36-second instrumental lullaby. A precious gift for baby on the occasion of her Baptism,…


Blue Lullaby Bunny

…for Easter baskets as you joyfully celebrate Our Lord's resurrection! "Jesus Loves Me" fluffy bunny Precious gift for baby plays a classic instrumental lullaby Adorable floppy-eared plush bunny rabbit with cuddly-soft fabric Plush toy with musical box and stitched features Cotton blend fabric,…

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Three Simple Ways to Celebrate the 50-Day Easter Season

…entire season, not just a single day! You can also spread the Easter cheer by surprising your family with Catholic Easter gifts that go beyond bunnies and chocolate. Make Easter cards and gifts, no matter how small, an annual tradition to honor the holiest time of year. You can also bring back the…

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