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  1. Prayer For Pregnancy

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St. Gerard of Majella - Mini Lives of the Saints Folded Prayer Card

St. Gerard of Majella prayer card Mini Lives of the Saints prayer card series Card stock with glossy finish for durability Details This beautiful St. Gerard of Majella folded, glossy prayer card features gold stamped Italian art on the front cover, a 2 page biography, along with the meaning of…


Catholic Woman's Book of Prayer

…faith. Donna-Marie offers words of encouragement for women who are single, married, consecrated women, and single mothers, while straightforwardly addressing specific difficulties in women's lives, with prayers for stress, complicated pregnancies, and walking through divorce. Words from St. John…


Your Labor of Love: A Spiritual Companion For Expectant Mothers

…Your First Pregnancy Challenges Unique to Subsequent Pregnancies Bodily Discomforts; Mood Swings Making Friends with the Blessed Mother Tiredness; Worry; Fearfulness; Sleeplessness You Are Not Alone Seeking Physical Comfort; Seeking Worldly Comfort Praying for Your Baby (see special prayers below)…

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Sterling Silver St. Gerard Medal Pendant [Silver]

…accusation for St. Gerard's benefit and for His glory, because through this ordeal St. Gerard became more sanctified, and now has a role in heaven interceding for all those who ask for his interecession for their pregnancy.  Miracles have been attributed to his prayers for women in…

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The Kiss of Jesus: How Mother Teresa and the Saints Helped Me to Discover the Beauty of the Cross

…she felt was best left unspoken as she sought God for help and strength. After she left home after high school, her path took some harrowing turns. A Vietnam veteran fiancé snapped and held her against her will. She suffered pregnancy loss, serious illness, divorce, and single motherhood.…


Grace Before Meals & Spicing Up Married Life (2 Book Set)

for each other and to God. Each of these 12 chapters encourages couples to discover faith-filled lessons about God’s invitation to love each other more deeply. Thoughtful questions to engage intimate dinner conversation, topical prayers, and of course, delicious recipes from Fr. Leo make for a…

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Sterling Silver St. Gerard Patron Saint Medal

Sterling Silver St. Gerard Patron Saint Medal

…faithful invoke his prayers for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy delivery. There have been many accounts of St. Gerard's intercession saving lives and bringing healing. This St. Gerard medal necklace is made of sterling silver and comes on an 18" chain. It's a perfect gift for expecting women and…

St. Gianna Beretta Molla: A Modern Mother's Heroism

…always present." ~St. Gianna Molla HER MARRIAGE AND MOTHERHOOD Gianna was also committed to prayer and contemplation to discover God's will for her life. According to one account, “Through her prayers and those of others, she reflected upon her vocation, which she also considered a gift from God.…

9 Saintly Modern Lay Women To Inspire You Throughout The Year

…struggling with her schoolwork for most of her childhood. She assisted both the bodies and souls of her patients, and would offer her services for free if the family was too poor to afford medical help. She then became a wife and mother. During her last pregnancy a malignant tumor was discovered…

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Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day: Facts & Celebration Ideas

…your love for Our Lady of Guadalupe, to seek her intercession (especially for the causes of which she is patroness: the Americas, the New Evangelization, and unborn children), and to celebrate her feast day in a special way each and every year. Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us! PRAYER TO OUR LADY…

The Remarkable Martins: The Miracle that Made Saints Louis & Zelie

…obtain prayers for their daughter. The Sisters recommended the healing of Carmen to the intercession of the Martins, who had been beatified just four days before. What happened next is a miracle! As reported by Rome Reports: She [Carmen] was born prematurely after a difficult pregnancy. She suffered…

The Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth: God's Joyful Celebration of Motherhood

…enshrined their words in the most beautiful and important of the Church’s prayers, which are repeated daily. The Feast of the Visitation is packed full of theological goodness, comprising the richness and beauty of the prayers of the Church . . . and its origin is a meeting between two very happy,…

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