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  1. Priest Anniversary Card

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Jubilee Heart of Mary Greeting Card

This Jubilee card for priests can be given for any Jubilee year. Letting a priest know that he is loved and cherished on his special day will mean so much. Just the right touch, with just the right sentiment, demonstrates your respect for his important service and dedication to his vocation. A…


Prayer Cards/Holy Cards

…for others. Reconciliation Cheat Sheet Card – The Sacrament of Reconciliation is a beautiful Sacrament yet many fear it because you are one-on-one with the priest as he is Persona Christi – the pressure is ON!! Having this special little card with short personal examination of conscience…

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Pope Francis, the Die-hard Soccer Fan!

…city bus to San Lorenzo stadium to attend home games. In 2008, on the 100th anniversary of the team's founding, Cardinal Bergoglio was honored by the team, made a member of the club, given a San Almagro membership card complete with photo ID, and presented with a team jersey. This week, Buenos…

How to Plan a Sacred Heart of Jesus Enthronement Ceremony at Your Home

…your enthronement ceremony. You might have to choose a weekday since priests are busier on the weekend. It would be nice to choose a date that is special to you and your family. For example, plan it around a wedding anniversary, a baptism, or on a favorite saint's feast day, such as the feast day of…