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When God Is Silent: Finding Spiritual Peace Amid the Storms of Life

…happiness, which you can achieve even amid the troubles that are inescapable elements of every human life. With sober realism and simple faith, this book will show you how to discover — and then to take refuge in — the comfort our Lord offers you, even when He seems to sleep.  Learn…

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How To Listen When God Is Speaking & When God Is Silent (2 Book Set)

…discerning God's will? Best-selling author and popular EWTN host Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ, tackles these and other questions in this comprehensive book on discernment. He says that first we need to believe in God and his moral laws and make a commitment to please him in all that we do. Then we need…

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Prayer of St. Ephrem - Prayer Card

…Back of card reads: O Lord and master of my life, take from me the spirit of laziness, meddling, ambition and vain talk. But give me a spirit of prudence, humility, patience and love. Yes Lord and King grant me to see my own sins and faults and not judge my brother. For You are Blessed Forever and…

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Dante's Paradise

…are arranged by different types of sin, Paradise is structured according to virtue. Each sphere is associated with one of the cardinal virtues - prudence, fortitude, justice, temperance - or one of the theological virtues - faith, hope, charity. Poetry of the Highest Order-  Professor Esolen…

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St. Bridget of Sweden's Famous Devotion to the 5480 Wounds of Christ

…of human faith, conforming to the rules of prudence by which they are probable, and supported by sufficient motives that one might believe in them piously." These 15 Prayers of St. Bridget are also contained in the immensely popular Pieta Prayer Book and offer an excellent mediation on the Passion…

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