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  1. Sacred Heart Holy Water Font

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Sacred Heart of Jesus Holy Water Font [Multi-Colored]

A perfect addition to any home! This nicely sized font measures 7.125" x 3.125" x 2". An ornate, yet classic looking font. This beautiful holy water font may be laser engraved on the back to include that special family name or date. Makes a wonderful housewarming gift!    

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Sacred Heart Ivory HW Font [Multicolored]

This serene Holy Water Font features Christ gently holding aside His robe to reveal His emblazed Sacred Heart. The scene, outlined with delicate golden accenting, presents a moving image of love and mercy. Hang by a prominent door in your home, and ask for the grace of true charity and mercy towards…

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Sacred Heart Handcrafted Ceramic HW Font

…ceramic holy water font presents the message of the Sacred Heart. The colorful blue and red Talavera design makes a beautiful statement of hope and faith. A small hole at the top makes it ready for wall hanging; the perfect piece to welcome guests at the entrance of your home. Sacred Heart


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heart.”  Holy Water has been commended as a great help against evil by one of the great saints, St. Theresa of Avila. * Secret Op:  While your loved one isn't around, sprinkle Holy Water on anything they use.  As you sprinkle the Holy Water you can say, “By Thy precious Blood and by this Holy Water,

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…In another part of the vigil liturgy, the new Paschal Candle is used to bless the water of the baptismal font. The priest plunges the candle into the water three times, while exclaiming, "May the power of the Holy Spirit come down into the fullness of this fountain." This same Paschal candle is then…