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Sacred Heart Icon Wall Plaque

…this icon. Richly colored and lovingly designed, it presents an image of Our Lord and His Sacred Heart. This is a wonderful gift that will be perfect in either the home or office. Back of plaque is covered in a velveteen-like felt and has hook for hanging. Icon wall plaque Beautiful Sacred Heart


Catholic Traditions and Treasures-An Illustrated Encyclopedia

…Holy Cards * Crucifixes * House Blessings * Prayer Corners * Advent Calendars * Jesse Trees * Marian Apparitions * Vestments * Icons * Divine Mercy * The Sacred Heart * The Liturgical Year * Holy Days * Religious Orders * The Holy See * The Roman Curia * The Divine Office * Holy Oils * Genuflecting…


The Little Oratory

…the sacred art. That's why we've included here seven full-colored icons that are ready for framing, enabling you to get started right away. The Little Oratory By Authors: David Clayton & Leila Lawler Beginners guide to praying in the home Build your own oratory 7 full colored icons


Why does the Virgin Mary Have So Many Names, Titles, and Feasts?

…reading and learning more about the history of the Catholic Church. Recently, my husband hired a carpet cleaner, and the man was impressed by the icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help that we have in our home. This nice man asked us if she was a goddess. Obviously he was confused, too! [Read My God…

Praying with a Crucifix Like a Saint

…for enhanced spiritual experiences.  This is why the Catholic Church has stunning cathedrals, beautiful stained glass windows, incense, bells, sacred music, bread, and wine. It's also why there's a large crucifix above the altar, front and center, in every Catholic Church.  The senses are the…

A Marian Garden Made in Heaven

…with elements of what I experienced at Mass.  I bought a crucifix and a Mary statue.  I found some sacred music that I liked.  I left illustrated prayer books out on an end table, and placed a Jesus icon next to a candle on my bookshelf.  I put a rosary in every room as a reminder to pray.  I didn't…

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