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  1. Saint Cecilia Statue

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Handmade St. Cecilia Statue [Brown]

Patron of Music and Musicians Handmade in the U.S.A. Details Cecilia was a fourth-century martyr. Her association with music and musicians stems from a story about her wedding feast. The story tells that Cecilia did not want to get married but was forced to by her parents and others who had power…

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St. Cecilia Statue - 8.5 inches [Brown]

St. Cecilia statue in lightly hand-painted cold-cast bronze, 8.5"


St. Cecilia Statue 10"

…full-color statue captures the beauty of the Patron Saint of Musicians, St. Cecilia. Exquisite detail and rich coloring highlight her garment as she gracefully holds a musical instrument. A lovely way to share your devotion to Saint Cecilia. We celebrate her feast day on November 22nd. St. Cecilia

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St. Cecilia Statue 6"

…and purity of Saint Cecilia are faithfully represented here. Because she sang hymns to Jesus in her heart, she is the patroness of musicians, and is depicted holding a musical instrument. The elegance of this statue is deepened by the rich color and loving attention to detail. St Cecilia figure From…

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St. Cecilia Statue 8.5''

St. Cecilia Statue In Fully Hand-Painted Color, 8.5". From the Veronese Collection. Dimensions: 4'' (W) x 2'' (D) x 8.5'' (H)


Saint Cecilia Plaque Large

…portrait plaque of a beautiful saint, St. Cecilia. Known as the patron saint of musicians and church music due to her singing to God when she was dying. This product is cast in solid fiberglass resin, a durable polymer with the look and feel of ceramic. Resin statues feature finer detail and greater…


St. Cecilia Figurine

…uniquely-designed Saint Cecilia figurine depicts the lovely saint seated at a piano. She is, of course, the patron saint of music, because it is said that she sang to God in her heart. The small size of the statue makes it easy to transport and display. Patrons & Protectors Collection Small statue

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St. Cecilia Shining Light Doll [Multicolored]

Meet St. Cecilia! St. Cecilia is the patron saint of church music, musicians, and poets. This adorable vinyl collectible figure is the perfect gift, and a fantastic way to begin introducing your children (or your friends!) to the fascinating and inspiring world of Christian Saints. Included in the…

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St. Therese of Lisieux Shining Light Doll [Multicolored]

…introducing your children (or your friends!) to the fascinating and inspiring world of Christian Saints. Included in the box is a fun and educational insert; learn some fun facts about St. Cecilia, a prayer for her feast day, and information about her life. Each doll is made of high quality…

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The Life of St. Cecilia: Patroness of Musicians

Saint Cecilia is one of courage, evangelization, and love of God in the midst of persecution and strife. [caption id="attachment_20183" align="aligncenter" width="680"] The Statue the Martyrdom of St. Cecilia located under the main altar of the Basilica of St. Cecilia in Rome.[/caption] St. Cecilia

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