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  1. Saint For Surgery

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Handmade Pewter St. Peregrine Medal [Silver]

…was converted to the faith. He joined the Servite order and for thirty years, as penance, lived and worked as much as possible in silence and solitude. Later in life, he developed skin cancer on his foot, was scheduled for surgery. He spent the night before the operation in prayer; had a vision…

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Guardian Angel for Surgery Mini Triptych

Place this Guardian Angel for Surgery patients next to their bedside as a thoughtful reminder of those who Our Lord has commissioned to guard and protect. This attractive piece of Catholic art features a guardian angel bending down to watch over a person undergoing surgery and its effects. In the…


Saint Gianna Molla - Wife, Mother, Doctor

…the fullest, yet generously risked death by cancer for the sake of her child. A unique story, co-authored by her own husband, with his deeply moving personal insights of the heroic witness, love, sacrifice and joy of his saintly wife. A woman for all times and walks of life, this moving account of…

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30 Healing Saints for Common Ailments

Surgery – St. Luke the Evangelist Throat Ailments – St. Blaise Toothache, Dental Problems – St. Apollonia Wounds – St. Rita You can find information, medals, prayer cards, and devotional items for many popular saints using our helpful Patron Saint Index here. All you holy men and women, Pray for us!

Patron Saints for the Pro-Life Movement

…and advocate for the human rights of the most vulnerable and innocent among us–especially the unborn, who have become the victims of attacks in the public square, both politically and culturally. [adbutler zone_id="207190"] SIX SAINTS FOR THE PRO-LIFE MOVEMENT Six saints shine as guiding lights for

Announcing our winners for the #FeastDay...

Announcing our winners for the #FeastDay...

Announcing our winners for the #FeastDay of St. John Vianney, patron saint of priests: Congratulations to Fr. Amberger & Fr. Strand! Thank you for your faithfulness to Christ! Read the winning entries below. ____________ FIRST WINNER: Sanna Aikin won $50 gift card for Fr. Amberger from Holy Angels…

St. Gianna Beretta Molla: A Modern Mother's Heroism

…miracles involving two mothers and an innocent baby in the womb.”  - St. Gianna Physician's Guild For more on this great saint for our times, read The Miracles Approved for the Canonization of Saint Gianna Beretta Molla. Her husband,  Mr. Pietro Molla, died in 2010 on Holy Saturday surrounded by his…

The Scapular Devotion of Pope St. John Paul II

…to him surrounded by angels and holding in her hands the brown scapular of the Carmelite habit.  She said to him, “This shall be a privilege for you and for all Carmelites: whoever dies clothed in this shall not suffer eternal fire, rather, he shall be saved.” The Brown Scapular is a sacramental of…

The Virgin Martyrs as Models of Purity

…mentioned in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Her zeal for the Lord and the Faith, her heroic effort to maintain her purity for God alone, and her willingness to suffer so as not to be defiled are timeless messages for our young women today. SAINT AGNES St. Agnes’ name is synonymous with purity and…

A Story of Great Mercy: St. Maria Goretti & Alessandro Serenelli

…he suffered his torture on the cross; he asked Maria if she would offer up her thirst to Jesus for the salvation of sinners. Maria agreed, and didn't ask for water again. The doctors began their surgery on each of Maria's fourteen wounds. Because she was so weak, they couldn't use any anesthesia.…

St. Ignatius of Loyola: A Story of God's Triumphant Plan

…greater plans for Ignatius. St. Ignatius’ life began to change in 1521 when in a cannonball greatly crippled him in battle, and failed surgeries only worsened the injury.  St. Ignatius was bedridden for about a year, and during that time he only had access to The Golden Legend, a collection of saint

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