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  1. Saint Nicholas Children's Book

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Saint Nicholas Children's Statue [Multi-Colored]

…the saints. Build your collection today and begin forming young hearts and minds. This hand-painted Saint Nicholas doll is a fun way for children to learn about the extraordinary life of this ever-popular Catholic saint. Collectible statues Hand-painted Catholic doll Colorful design for children An…

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St. Nicholas A Prayer for Children - Prayer Card

children. Keep them safe from harm and help them grow and become worthy in Your Sight. Give them strength to keep their Faith in You; and to keep alive their joy in Your creation. Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen. St. Nicholas — December 6 Abbot — (ca. 270-342) Patron of Children, Patron Saint of…


St. Nicholas Shining Light Doll

What a fun way to share the lives of the saints with children.  Part of the popular Shining Light Dolls collection is our newest member and heavenly friend, St. Nicholas.  Designed with beautiful graphic styling in eye-catching colors and designs kids will love.  Each doll, insert and…

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St. Nicholas - Prayer Card

…You good bishop and shepherd, help me to find my place in the Church and inspire the Church to be faithful to the gospel. O good Saint Nicholas, patron of children, sailors and the helpless, watch over those who pray to Jesus, your Lord and theirs, as well as over those who humble themselves before…


St. Nicholas Statue 10.5" [Multi-Colored]

…patron saint of children, sailors, fishermen and pawnbrokers.  This statue of St. Nicholas, from the Renaissance Collection of figures by Joseph’s Studio, depicts St. Nicholas in an ornately decorated red robe with a golden staff in his right hand. In his left hand he holds the book of…


Vintage St Nicholas Personalized Prayer Cards [Multicolored]

The story of St. Nicholas, a Christian bishop who helped the needy, gradually transformed into the legendary character called Santa Claus, who brings Christmas presents to children around the world. This vintage style prayer card exudes the cheerful, heartfelt sentiment behind a beloved…


St. Nicholas "Be Giving" Personalized Prayer Card [White]

St. Nicholas is known for his service to the poor and providing for both the spiritual and material needs of those around him. May this lovely watercolor image of a beloved saint, paired with the charge to “Be Giving,” inspire you whenever you pray. Tailored to suit your needs, you can…


Vintage St Nicholas Christmas Cards - Set of 20 [Ivory]

…be eager to share with family and friends. Designed and printed in North Carolina.  Cover: St. Nicholas with Children Inside Reflection: O God of joyfulness and cheer, Thank you for Saint Nicholas dear. He teaches me to be my best, By helping sailors in distress. He teaches me to look and find,…


My First Book of Saints

…sacramental gift, this hardcover edition will excite, educate, and engage children ages 5-8.   My First Book of Saints Children's book on the lives of the saints Fun stories and colorful images Includes life applications & prayers Teaches children about saintly virtues 5 1/2" x 7 3/8"


Book of Saints (Part 4)

Lives of fifteen well-known Saints, illustrated in full color. Contents St Sebastian St John of God St Angela Merici Sts Cyril and Methodius St Louise De Marillac St John Nepomucene St Rita St Joachim St Boniface St Alphonsus Liguori St John Vianney St Dominic St Helen St Barbara St Nicholas

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7 Piece Felt Nativity

…Christ. Colorful, felt figures will make the time pass quickly! Makes a sweet gift for kids, perhaps even a stocking stuffer or a fun piece for St. Nicholas Day. 7 piece set.  7 piece Nativity set Colorful, movable felt figures Child-friendly manger scene Sweet Christmas present or Advent gift…

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A Special Place for Santa Book

This book is for anyone who has ever had trouble deciding what to tell their children about Santa Claus. It is perfect for any Christian family who struggles to keep their focus on Christ amid the crushing influence of the secular world. How does one reconcile Jesus and Santa Claus in their…


The Legend of Saint Nicholas

…paintings combine to provide the perfect way to introduce young readers to the rich life of this beloved saint. The Legend of Saint Nicholas Author: Anselm Grün and Giuliano Ferri A beautiful retelling of the life of Saint Nicholas Ideal for children 4-8 years old 8¼ x 11 inches


Christmas Traditions for Children

Christmas Traditions for Children is an Advent & Christmas book for children and families that includes popular seasonal traditions such as: The Christmas Story, Prayer while Lighting the Advent Wreath, Daily Prayers for Lighting the Advent Wreath, The Christmas Tree, Prayers around the…

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Three of the Most Misunderstood Saints of All Time

…tried to praise Nicholas; but the saint simply replied that all the glory should go to God. There is much to learn about him. If you want to further discover the real St. Nicholas, you might want to watch this film and peruse this site. If you want to find a way to help children discover the real…

Heroes and Homemakers: 10 Patron Saints of Marriage

…know about Saint Monica we have learned from his classic book The Confessions of Saint Augustine. Her feast day is May 4. [caption id="attachment_18990" align="aligncenter" width="350"] Saint Monica[/caption] St. Priscilla: Patron Saint of Good Marriages Saint Priscilla and her husband Saint Aquila…

Advent & Christmas Traditions: Kneeling Santa

…popular children's Christmas book entitled A Special Place for Santa . This Catholic Christmas book for children is top seller because it gives an excellent explanation of the Santa Claus tradition in an engaging way that kids enjoy, in addition to telling the historical tradition of St. Nicholas

The Kneeling Santa: Where Popular Culture & Religious Devotion Meet

…popular children's book entitled A Special Place for Santa.  This Christmas book is a best-seller because it does a great job of  explaining the tradition of Santa Claus to a young child while also including the story of St. Nicholas and his original "Christmas gifts" to those in need.  The book

Christmas Best Seller – Kneeling Santa

…also a childrens book -  "A Special Place for Santa".  Have you ever struggled to explain the tradition of Santa Claus to a young child?  The book,  "A Special Place for Santa" does a wonderful job of telling the story of  Santa.  I especially like the way it includes the story of St. Nicholas and…

The Best-Sellers: Our Ultimate Advent & Christmas Gift Guide

…this Advent with Our Lady of Fatima and with six saintly souls who were particularly devoted to her: St. Teresa of Calcutta, St. John Paul II, Fr. Andrew Apostoli, and the Three Shepherd Children to whom Mary appeared in 1917! Using this book, the frustrations of our modern Christmas seasons will…

How to Celebrate Advent Like a Catholic

…the Advent Saint Feast Days: Celebrate the saints of the Advent & Christmas season. In addition to St. Andrew's feast day on November 30th—the Advent kickoff— there are other saints with feast days during Advent that have special cultural traditions associated with them. St. Nicholas Day is on…

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