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  1. St Monica


St. Monica - Mini Lives of the Saints Folded Prayer Card

St. Monica prayer card Mini Lives of the Saints prayer card series Card stock with glossy finish for durability Details This beautiful St. Monica folded, glossy prayer card features gold stamped Italian art on the front cover, a 2 page biography, along with the meaning of her name, attributes and…


Saint Monica and the Power of Persistent Prayer

…adapted from the liturgy and other ancient sources. Don't give up. Persistence in prayer can change everything-for you, your children, and maybe even the world.   For all parents and grandparents Devotion includes 18 meditations St. Monica our friend and guide 4 1/4 inches x 7 inches


Saint Monica - Model of Christian Mothers

The famous persevering mother whose prayers, patience and good example at last obtained the conversion of her son -- the great St. Augustine -- plus of her pagan husband and mother-in-law. A magnificent story of prayer finally answered! Suitable for teens and older.

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St. Monica Fresco Personalized Prayer Cards [Multicolored]

…way to enhance a celebration or remembrance, or a thoughtful gift for anyone struggling with strife within the family.   Sets of 8 personalized, micro-perforated 2.5” x 4.5” cards Benezzo Gozzoli’s depiction of St. Monica Honors St. Monica as patroness of familial difficulties


St. Monica - The Power of a Mother's Love

…difficulty can be overcome in building a true Christian family founded upon the values of the Gospel"— Giovanni Falbo This title includes an index of references to Monica within St. Augustine's works. It also features black and white photos of basilicas and churches honoring Monica and Augustine.


Sts. Monica & Augustine Personalized Prayer Card [Multicolored]

Memorialize any occasion with this set of holy cards featuring Ary Scheffer’s image of St. Monica and Augustine. The touching image calls to mind how Monica’s incessant prayer led to the conversion of Augustine, who would go on to become one of the most influential saints of the Church.…


Sterling Silver St. Monica Petite Pendant [Silver]

Sterling Silver St. Monica Pendant on a Sterling Silver Lite Curb, 18" Chain with clasp. *Please note petite size: 1/2 x 1/4 inches, Patronage: Abuse Victims patronage: Abuse Victims Size: 1/2 x 1/4 18" Sterling Silver Lite Curb Chain with Clasp Hand-Made in the U.S.A. Guaranteed to not tarnish

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14kt Gold Filled St. Monica Petite Pendant [Gold]

14kt Gold Filled St. Monica Pendant on a 14kt Gold Filled Lite Curb, 18" Chain with clasp. The look and feel of solid 14 karat gold at a fraction of the price. *Please note petite size: 1/2 x 1/4 inches, Patronage: Abuse Victims patronage: Abuse Victims Size: 1/2 x 1/4 18" 14kt Gold Filled Lite Curb…

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Sterling Silver St. Monica Medal with 18 inch chain [Silver]

This sterling silver St. Monica medal measures 3/4" long and comes with a 18" rhodium plated stainless steel chain and Gift box.

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St. Monica Decade Rosary for Addiction

…design is convenient.  The decade rosary features amethyst colored beads, a small rose centerpiece, and a double-sided medal featuring St. Monica along with “Pray for us” on reverse. Rosary comes on a card and includes the Serenity Prayer. Meditating upon the Mysteries of the…


St. Monica Blue September Rosary 6mm

Silver Finish Rosary features 6mm blue Czech Fire Polished glass beads. The centerpiece features a St. Monica medal. Sapphire is the birthstone color for September. Bliss Manufacturing Rosary Hand-Made in the U.S.A. 6mm Czech fire polished glass beads Crucifix Dimensions: 1 3/8 x 3/4 Lead free…

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St. Monica & St. Augustine Mother/Son Medal with Chain, Handmade Pewter [Silver]

…artisan from Mississippi and features St. Monica on one side and St. Augustine on the other. The relationship between St. Augustine, one of the greatest Christian thinkers, and his mother, St. Monica, was a long, loving tussle finally resolved in harmony. Monica, always a Christian, raised Augustine…


Sterling Silver St. Monica Pendant [Silver]

Sterling Silver St. Monica Pendant on a Sterling Silver Lite Curb, 18" Chain with clasp. Size: 3/4 x 1/2 inches, Patronage: Abuse Victims patronage: Abuse Victims Size: 3/4 x 1/2 18" Sterling Silver Lite Curb Chain with Clasp Hand-Made in the U.S.A. Guaranteed to not tarnish

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St. Monica Pink October Rosary Bracelet 6mm

Silver Finish Rosary Bracelet features 6mm Pink Czech Fire Polished glass beads. The Crucifix measures 5/8 x 1/4. The charm features a St. Monica medal. Lead free bright pewter crucifix and center. Rhodium plated wire guaranteed to not tarnish. Pink is the birthstone color for October. Made in the…


St. Peregrine Healing Box [Multicolored]

…prayer asking for the saint's intercession and Our Lord's help.  Front:  St. Peregrine, beacon of hope, intercede for us who suffer from the many burdens caused by cancer. Back: "St. Peregrine, I confidently turn to you for help in my present sickness. For so many years you…

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No Turning Back: Confessions of a Catholic Priest [Book]

…and song, Donald's mother became Catholic and fervently prayed for her fifteen-year-old prodigal son to return home. Like a modern-day St. Monica, she trusted that God would touch his soul with the grace of repentance. Embrace the Grace After many failures at drug rehab, Donald sought solace…


The Witness of Early Christian Women

…The Mothers of the Church include: Holy Women of the New Testament St. Blandina St. Perpetua and St. Felicity St. Helena St. Thecla St. Agnes of Rome St. Macrina Proba the Widow St. Marcella St. Paula St. Eustochium St. Monica Egeria the Tourist Explore the impact of each of these women on the…

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Lay Saints: Models of Family Life

Everyone has dreams and goals that they want to achieve, but the foremost and overarching goal for every Catholic, and the only one that brings true happiness, should be to become a saint and enjoy the Beatific Vision. It is a momentous task that can often seem overwhelming and unattainable. Indeed,…


The Catholic Mom's Prayer Companion: A Book of Daily Reflections

Are you a Catholic mom who prays for the wisdom and patience to get through each day? Do you pray for your children, husband, family and friends, and sometimes even yourself? The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion offers a new, daily resource to make the most of those few, precious…


St. Monica Painting Personalized Prayer Cards [Multicolored]

…of the power of incessant prayer never feels out of place. This set of holy cards honors St. Monica, whose tears and prayers eventually led to one of the most pivotal conversions in history: that of her son, St. Augustine. Personalize the reverse with any prayer or meditation you wish to ask for her…

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St. Monica Figurine

This sweet little figurine is a simple, lovely portrayal of Saint Monica, who is the patron saint of mothers, married women, and alcoholics. The statue’s small size makes it easy to transport and display. Patrons & Protectors Collection Small statue


The Confessions of Saint Augustine

…to the Christian faith at the age of thirty-two as he rediscovers the Faith taught to him by his saintly mother Monica. Profound Sentiments It was in a garden in Milan that St. Augustine finally achieved the act of will to Christian conversion, which he compared to a lazy man finally deciding…


St. Dymphna Anxiety/Depression Decade Rosary & Card [Multicolored]

…slipping in a pocket or keeping on a bedside table.  Prayer Card Text -  Front: St. Dymphna, intercede for us, and bring hope and serenity to all who suffer from mental illness. Back: "Gentle St. Dymphna, patron of those suffering from mental illness, through your kind intercession…


Remy the Rhino Learns Patience

Enchanting art and rhymes to share the story of Remy, the impatient Rhino. When the other animals annoy him, he snorts and charges right for them. One day, an aardvark decides not to run, and Remy’s horn gets stuck in a tree! The forgiving aardvark gathers termites to slowly eat away the wood…

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