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  1. St Paschal

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St. Paschal & Friends Framed Sculpture

…unique gift for those who have a passion for cooking and those who tirelessly serve the needs of others. Ready for wall hanging. Made in USA. St. Paschal framed tile Patron saint of chefs Unique piece of religious art for your home Handcrafted in USA Measures: 8.25” x 8.25” x .5”…


Handmade St. Paschal Figure in Kitchen

…delicious food–became legendary. Poorly educated, his counsel was sought by the rich and poor alike. In this image, Paschal is shown at work in his kitchen, assisted by St. Martha, another patron of cooks (her image is in the tiny niche on the mantle). This one of a kind piece is hand carved…


St. Paschal/Pasqual Wooden Plaque

…especially those with a special devotion to the Blessed Sacrament.  Front Text: San Pasqual, patron saint of cooks Back Text: San Pasqual (St. Paschal) was a simple Franciscan monk. He was very devoted to the Holy Eucharist. It is said that as a cook in the monastery, his kitchen duties were…

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Handmade St. Paschal Statue [Brown]

Handmade Patron of Chefs and Cooks Details Paschal Baylon (1540-92) was a Franciscan lay brother. Born on the border of Castile and Aragon of a poor shepherd family, he tended flocks as a youth. In his early twenties, he joined his religious order. His charity to the poor and afflicted and his…


Pope John Paul II w/ Paschal Candle in Gold Frame (13x13)

This image of Pope John Paul II with Paschal Candle comes in a gold wood frame and measures 13"x13"

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First Glance at Adrienne Von Speyr: 2nd Edition

…over one hundred books, including  Prayer ,  Heart of the World ,  Mary for Today ,  Love Alone Is Credible ,  Mysterium Paschale  and his major multi-volume theological works:  The Glory   of the Lord ,  Theo- Drama  and  Theo- Logic . First…


Everything You Need to Know about the Sacred Triduum

…are liturgically one day unfolding for us the unity of Christ's Paschal Mystery" (USCCB).  [caption id="attachment_21993" align="aligncenter" width="680"] Agnus Dei painting by Francisco Zurbarán[/caption] It is known as the "Paschal Mystery" because it is the ultimate fulfillment of the ancient…

Why Do Catholics Use So Many Candles?

…the Easter Vigil Mass, the congregation lights their small candles from the Paschal Candle, as a reminder to share and reflect the light of Christ in their own lives. In another part of the vigil liturgy, the new Paschal Candle is used to bless the water of the baptismal font. The priest plunges the…

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Meditations for Holy Week: Saturday

…who will become full members of the Church. The vigil starts in a dramatic way with the blessing of the new fire, the lighting candles and the paschal candle. Beginning with Genesis and ending with Christ's Resurrection, the multiple readings and psalms are a retelling of the story of God's Love…

Covert Tactics to Convert Your Loved Ones

…one's belongings. Then, each day, with devotion, pray the prayer of the Green Scapular on behalf of your loved one. Covert Tactic #2:  The St. Benedict Medal St. Benedict is well-known for having performed many miracles that overcame the power of nefarious spirits. As such, the Saint Benedict Medal…

15 Prayers of St. Bridget of Sweden Honoring Christ s Wounds

…a crucifix inside the Church of St. Paul in Rome, Jesus, in answer to the request of St. Bridget of Sweden, taught her these 15 prayers to pray daily for the period of one year in order to honor the 5480 wounds he sustained during his Passion. Read more about St. Bridget of Sweden's Famous Devotion…

Lenten Season 101: A Guide for Everything You Need to Know

…Easter season, fully celebrate the joy of Christ's Resurrection and the conquering of sin and death he merited for us. Greet one another with the Paschal Greeting/Easter Acclamation, "Christ is risen!" and the response, "He is risen indeed!" FINAL THOUGHT "The observance of Lent is the very badge of…