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Pope John Paul II (DVD)

…late days on the Chair of St. Peter. It explores his life behind the scenes: how he touched millions of people and changed the face of the Church and the world; how he defended the dignity of mankind. Jon Voight’s powerful, Emmy-nominated performance as John Paul II was widely praised, as was…

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Clare and Francis (DVD)

…new epic feature film on the lives of St. Clare and St. Francis of Assisi shot on location in Italy by the Italian film company Lux Vide, the producers of Saint Rita, Pope John Paul II and St. John Bosco. This outstanding movie is unique among films on St. Francis because of the historical accuracy…


The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary From the Visions of Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich

…1774, died 1824 and beatified by Pope John Paul II in 2004), a German Augustinian nun from Dulmen, it focuses first on the ancestry of the Blessed Virgin Mary, then on her childhood and early life, and finally next on her life with Jesus and St. Joseph at Nazareth. It does not cover Our Lord's…


Evangelical Exodus: Evangelical Seminarians and Their Paths to Rome

…The contributors have taken a long journey to the banks of the Tiber, and it is every step an adventure." — Scott Hahn , President, St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology "The integrity of this significant book is matched only by the passion of its contributors. Their honesty in…


Arrow Prayers: A Powerful Way to Cry Out to God

…vulnerable, scared, or anxious. They help to penetrate any darkness or fear and to direct our thoughts quickly to God. In the movie Paul, Apostle of Christ, there is a scene where Paul is imprisoned and has been tormented by a recurring dream. Crouched in a dark corner of his cell, he lifts his face…

A Short History of the Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus

…in the Basilica of St. Peter and kept there until the present day. [caption id="attachment_21908" align="aligncenter" width="405"] An exact copy of the original Veronica's veil made in 1617 during the reign of Pope Paul V[/caption] 1843: Our Lord, in visions to Sister Marie of St. Peter, requested…

The Feast of the Presentation of Mary: Popular Piety or Historical Event?

…stigmatist, visionary, and ecstatic who was beatified by Pope John Paul II. Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich (1774 – 1824) has gained popularity in recent years because it was her visions on which the famous Passion of the Christ movie were based.  The books that describe her many visions are The…

Three of the Most Misunderstood Saints of All Time

…and dangers for the Gospel, just like St. Paul. [caption id="attachment_31610" align="aligncenter" width="680"] "I cannot keep silent, nor would it be proper, so many favours and graces has the Lord deigned to bestow on me in the land of my captivity." –St. Patrick[/caption] Despite the obstacles,…

The Story of St. Ursula the Warrior Princess and her 11,000 Companions

…relics was their chief motive in following Ursula. She took with her to Cologne a relic of St. Peter which is still venerated as such, though none know whence it came; one of St. Paul; some hair of St. John the Evangelist, and a scrap of the garment he wore when cast into the boiling oil. On the…