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  1. St.ann Statue

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St. Anne Figure 4.5" [Multicolored]

Anne, comes from the word Hannah, meaning "favor" and "grace." St. Anne was the mother of Mary and the grandmother of Jesus. She is patron of many things, including grandparents, homemakers, and moving house. This wonderful image of Anne teaching Mary was crafted by the artisans…

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St Anne Figure 7"

The Gospel of James tells that Anne and her husband, Joachim, were childless late into their lives, though they both desperately wanted a child. In desperation, Joachim went into the desert to fast and pray for a child while Anne, at home, bewailed her fate. One day, in prayer, she looked up to see…

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St. Anne Healing Box [Multicolored]

…it handy throughout the day for when you need to pray for strength and courage. 2. Patron Saint Statue - Read the short story of this saint’s life on the back of the statue box. Place the statue where you will always see it, as a reminder that your saint is interceding for you in heaven. 3.…


St. Anne Handmade Statue

…Anne is the Patron saint of grandmothers because she is the grandmother to Christ. This unique statue makes a wonderful gift for grandparents or those with a special devotion to St. Anne. St. Anne statue Perfect gift for Grandparents Handmade by Christian artisan Stone Cast Approx. 6.5” (H) x…

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St. Anne Figurine

This lovely Saint Anne statue depicts her with her daughter, the Virgin Mary, seated at her side. There is a sweetness and tenderness in the design, which is painted in rich color. Saint Anne is the patron of unmarried women, housewives, women in labor, and grandmothers, among other things. Since…

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12" St. Anne with Mary Statue [Multicolored]

St. Anne, the mother of Mary and grandmother of Jesus is depicted with Mary in this breathtaking statuette. Here she is seen instructing a young Mary, cloaked in brown. Makes a thoughtful gift for someone struggling with infertility, and looks lovely in the home, church, or school. …


St. Anne Shining Light Doll [Multicolored]

Meet St. Anne, Mother of the Virgin Mary! (Feast Day July 26th) She is the patron of many causes: carpenters, child care providers, childless people, children, equestrians, grandparents, homemakers/housewives, miners, mothers, moving house, poverty, pregnancy, seamstresses, sterility, teachers. This…

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Saint Anne & Child 50" [Antique Stone Finish]

Over 4 foot tall statue of St. Anne & child. This product is cast in solid fiberglass resin, a durable polymer with the look and feel of ceramic. Resin statues feature finer detail and greater strength than other materials. The antique finish statue is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.…

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