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Stories Jesus Told

Stories Jesus Told: Parables for Kids is a fun animation that adapts the parables of Jesus as found in the New Testament.  In a way that draws young children into the teachings of Jesus, children learn the eternally0 captivating themes of love, forgiveness, prayer, sacrifice, repentance, and…

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Stories Jesus Told Coloring and Activity Book

The Stories Jesus Told coloring and activity book will provide hours of entertainment as children color and hunt for the hidden pictures while learning bible stories. The illustrations are designed for children, ages 6-10, to enjoy. Answers are in the back of the book . For ages 6-10 years Hidden…


Mother Teresa of Calcutta: A Personal Portrait - 50 Inspiring Stories Never Before Told

…and of hope that can never die. These stories reveal a humorous, gifted, wise and arresting woman who has a message of real hope for our time. It's the life story of one of the most important women of the 20th century as it's never been told before. Reviews: "Mother Teresa's…

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The Second Greatest Story Ever Told

…time to make John Paul's story your own. Reveals the Secrets of Our Lady of Fatima, Sr. Faustina’s visions, the Divine Mercy, and effects of World War II and the Cold War. The Second Greatest Story Ever Told Ties together many of the key 20th century stories every Catholic should know…


Devotion to the Infant Jesus of Prague

The fascinating story briefly told, plus the famous "miraculous" prayers and devotions along with the Litany to the Infant Jesus.


The Animated Passion Trilogy

…ascension of Christ is told in a language children can understand. Features stories that captivate children while teaching spiritual truths: Worthy is the Lamb   Experience the Passion of Jesus Christ. Witness the fulfillment of ancient prophecies. Pray with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane,…

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Son of God DVD

…Roma Downey comes Son of God - the most important chapter of the Greatest Story Ever Told for a whole new generation of families to enjoy. Acclaimed Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado delivers a spectacular portrayal of Jesus as this powerful and inspirational feature film depicts the life of Christ,…


My Catholic Bible

…of the important stories of the Old and New Testaments are faithfully told and beautifully illustrated. Verses from the Bible are included throughout, along with definitions of key words. Historical and cultural information provides important background for understanding the story of our salvation,…

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Animated Bible Classics - The King is Born (DVD)

This beautifully animated story will bring the wonder of the first Christmas to life. Told in the language of animation, The King is Born recalls the greatest gift of all—the gift of Jesus Christ. Recommended for ages 4 to 8. Running Time: Approximately 45 minutes, Dolby Digital Stereo. Directed by…


Lord, Have Mercy: The Healing Power of Confession

Jesus told his first clergy, "If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven; if you retain the sin of any, they are retained." In Lord, Have Mercy Scott Hahn explores the sacrament of Reconciliation and shows why it is the key to spiritual growth, particularly in these times of intense…

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Jacinta: The Flower of Fatima

…fears and attachments and became a saint, offering her life completely for love of Jesus and Mary. Told delightfully against the charming backdrop of the peaceful, natural beauty of Fatima, this is the intimate story of how the young Jacinta overcame her childish selfishness to become one of the…

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History of the Catholic Church: From the Apostolic Age to the Third Millennium

…Catholic Church claims Jesus Christ himself as her founder, and in spite of heresy from within and hostility from without, she remains in the twenty-first century the steadfast guardian of belief in his life, death, and resurrection. The teachings and redemptive works of Jesus as told in the Gospels…


Little Catholics Book Set

…for Jesus and His Church; Little Acts of Grace at Mass; and Little Acts of Grace in Prayer. And it doesn’t just explain these little devotional customs — it makes the children want to do them, too. Just Like Mary - From her Immaculate Conception to her Assumption, here is the story of…


Feast Days & Holidays

…recipe to "Ash Wednesday Soup," find the 'lost' items in a picture with the help of St. Anthony, solve mazes to find out what Jesus told the apostle Simon Peter, make magnets for Earth Day, string together Saint Thérèse's acts of kindness beads, design their own…

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Handmade St. Dorothy Figure

…garden”). St. Dorothy (d. ca. 304) was, according to legend, martyred in Cappadocia, in modern-day Turkey, under the Diocletian persecution. Her story is this: after her arrest for being a Christian, the Roman magistrate said he would spare her if she worshiped the Roman gods; Dorothy refused;…


Why I Don't Call Myself Gay: How I Reclaimed My Sexual Reality and Found Peace

…who proclaims the Good News of the Catholic Church's teaching on homosexuality. The story of his journey from living his life as a gay man to finding peace, joy and fulfillment by entering the Church is told in the award winning documentary  Desire of the Everlasting Hills . A professional…

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A Christmas Story with St. Joseph

…book, the Christmas story is told from St. Joseph's perspective. The book opens with Joseph's own father teaching him how to work and how to pray. He will use these gifts throughout his life to care for Mary and the baby Jesus. All the major events of the Christmas story as found in the…


The Story of St. Francis of Assisi and the First Nativity Scene, as told by St. Bonaventure

…apparition of the Baby Jesus to those gathered with St. Francis on that day. This must have been Jesus' way of giving his praise and blessing to the nativity scene, which was a novelty in its time and had never been done before. Again, St. Bonaventure continues the story, A certain valiant and…

"I just love the story of Jesus changing...

"I just love the story of Jesus changing...

"I just love the story of Jesus changing water into wine at the wedding feast because of the prodding of His Mom. He informed her it wasn't quite the right time yet, but He still did it for her. When she told them to do whatever he tells you, she knew Jesus would not let her down. Mary cared so much…

What Did Jesus Look Like? - The Shroud of Turin

…letters originally discovered on the shroud in1978. Her analysis pieced together letters and words in Greek, Latin and Aramaic that told a story. In the time of Jesus, the bodies of those Jews who were executed were usually held for one year in common graves before being given back to the families.…

The story of the rich man and Lazarus is...

The story of the rich man and Lazarus is...

The story of the rich man and Lazarus is more than a bracing reminder about our duty to the poor; it is a cautionary tale about misjudging our spiritual condition... Jesus told his disciples that there will be people at the threshold of heaven, claiming to have done great things in his name, only to…

The Story of Mary Magdalene and the First Easter Egg

…whom Jesus first appeared on Easter Sunday morning; she was the very first witness of the Resurrection. [adbutler zone_id="207190"] It was Mary Magdalene, a woman, who went and told the twelve Apostles that Jesus had risen from the dead; for this she is called "Apostle to the Apostles." After Jesus'

The Story of St. Bernadette and Our Lady of Lourdes

…and a yellow rose on each foot, the same color as the chain of her Rosary."   In the vision Our Lady was praying the rosary. Bernadette reluctantly told her parents of the apparition, and in response they forbade her from going back to the grotto.  A few days later, on February 14th, Bernadette was…

St. Philomena the Wonder-Worker: Her Story in Her Own Words

…of Philomena spoke to her. [caption id="attachment_25941" align="aligncenter" width="680"] Saint Philomena[/caption] So here is the story of this lovely saint, told in her own words. "My dear Sister, I am the daughter of a Prince who governed a small state in Greece. My mother is also of royal…

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