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  1. Story Of Civilization

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The Story of Civilization: The Ancient World [CD]

The Story of Civilization presents the history of the world as a thrilling and compelling narrative from a Catholic perspective. Within each chapter, children encounter short stories that place them directly in the shoes of historical figures, both famous and ordinary, as they live through legendary…

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St. Benedict: Hero of the Hills

…Windeatt presents the powerful story of the famous life and miracles of St. Benedict for the "Vision Book" series of saints for youth. Known as the Father of Western Monasticism, St. Benedict played a major role in the Christinization and civilization of post-Roman Europe in the sixth…


Heroes & Heretics of The Reformation

…to the door at Wittenberg—the sound of which served as the thunder presaging the storm to come—Phillip Campbell, author of The Story of Civilization, casts fresh eyes on that tumultuous time and its most influential characters. It was a tumultuous time, filled with heroes, heretics, and…


The Marian Option: God's Solution to a Civilization in Crisis

"How can we save civilization?” is the question many people worry about today.  As the world descends into chaos, Christians are thinking deeply about how to stem the tide. Many options and suggestions have been presented to deal with Christian persecution and cultural…

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The Marian Option: God's Solution to a Civilization in Crisis & The Love of Mary (2 Book Set)

…of Monte Corona Format: Softcover Pages: 240 Language: English The Marian Option: God's Solution to a Civilization in Crisis As the world descends into chaos, Christians think deeply about how to stem the tide The Love of Mary Magnificent truths and inspiring stories about the Blessed Virgin Mary

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Saint Benedict Story Music Box [Black]

…Europe, students, civil engineers, farm workers. This keepsake music box evokes the subdued dignity that distinguished the life of Saint Benedict, and is the perfect repository for scapulars, religious medals, and rosaries.   Along with tokens and various imagery, this story box lists the rule…


Heroic Catholic Chaplains: Stories of the Brave and Holy Men Who Dodged Bullets While Saving Souls

…William Corby, who left his post at Notre Dame to serve the Irish Brigade during all four years of the Civil War; •    Father Francis Duffy, a World War I chaplain whose story became the subject of a Hollywood movie; •    Father Aloysius Schmitt, who, during…

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Saints And Sinners In The Cristero War: Stories of Martyrdom From Mexico

A provocative account of the brutal persecution of the Catholic Church in Mexico in the 1920's and 1930's that tells the stories of eight pivotal players. The saints are now honored as martyrs by the Catholic Church, and the sinners were political and military leaders who were accomplices in…

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The War of the Vendee

…of St. Bernadette of Lourdes , tells the moving story of France's little known religious civil war in the years following the French Revolution. Featuring an exuberant and gifted cast of over 250 young Catholics, it is a powerful story  of sacrifice and martyrdom, but told here with…

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Defending Boyhood: How Building Forts, Reading Stories, Playing Ball, and Praying to God Can Change the World

Western civilization has no more eloquent defender than Anthony Esolen, a man who has counted the cost, and paid it, of leading the way in that defense. Following on his compelling prior volume, Defending Marriage: Twelve Arguments for Sanity , Professor Esolen returns, this time in defense of boys…


St. Augustine: A Voice for All Generations-DVD

…works, including The City of God, On the Trinity, and The Confessions , have had an inestimable impact on the Church and, by extension, on Western Civilization at large. Yet, where did such faith begin? After rejecting his mother’s Christianity as simplistic and restraining, Augustine embarked…


101 Surprising Facts About the Bible

…adapted, recited, and performed; or took so many years (centuries!) to write. In 101 Surprising Facts About the Bible, Rick Rotondi recounts the story of how the Bible was written, translated, published, and proclaimed. Join him as he explores the mysteries of the Bible, unpacks its prophecies, and…

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Our Lives in His Hands: An Ordinary Couple's Path to Holiness

One of the young men who accompanied St. Josemaría Escrivá on his escape to freedom during the Spanish Civil War was Tomás Alvira. He wished to follow the founder of Opus Dei in a life of apostolic dedication, but as a married, rather than a single, person. St. Josemaría…

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The Shepherd Who Didn't Run: Fr. Stanley Rother, Martyr from Oklahoma

…we may be a sign of the love of Christ for our people," said Fr. Stanley, "that our presence among them will fortify them to endure these sufferings in preparation for the coming of the Kingdom." Fr. Stanley Rother's story A martyr from Oklahoma Inspiring story of courage Paperback


For Greater Glory - DVD

…, Archbishop of Baltimore " For Greater Glory is a passionate, true life story of a sad period in history when believers were ruthlessly persecuted for their faith. This is a heroic and inspiring story, all the more critical in that it is so timely. A first rate production all around!"…

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The Story of St. Bernadette and Our Lady of Lourdes

…Word of these apparitions spread rapidly and caused quite a stir in town.  In response, Bernadette was detained, interrogated, and harassed by the civil authorities as if she were a common criminal. The villagers, however, came to her rescue and demanded that the child be released. Through all these…

The Real Life of a Medieval Catholic King-Saint that Reads Like a Tolkien Story

…fought alongside saints and angels, strengthened his army with miraculous bread, rescued a failing civilization, united a kingdom under his just rule, and was crowned by the Pope himself—the story of the German King St. Henry II and his virtuous queen, St. Cunegundes, is a real-life epic drama that…

Interview with Brian Burch & Emily Stimpson on their New Book, The American Catholic Almanac

…fascinating, brave, brilliant, complicated, and holy Catholics who are part of the American story. Knowing their stories enriches both our lives and faith. More fundamentally, when we know and share their stories, we understand our own story—as both Americans and Catholics—so much better. That…

Immaculee Ilibagiza, Rwandan Genocide Survivor, Becomes U.S. Citizen

…citizen.  Immaculee is a Rwandan national who fled to the United States for asylum following the 1994 civil war and horrific massacre in her home country. She is famous for telling her story of survival through books, talks, and interviews. Immaculee, a Catholic, resorted to her Catholic prayers…

Patron Saints for the Pro-Life Movement

…inalienable right to life of every innocent human individual is a constitutive element of a civil society and its legislation: "The inalienable rights of the person must be recognized and respected by civil society and the political authority. These human rights depend neither on single individuals…

The First Marian Apparition in Church History: Our Lady of the Pillar

…and has a most fascinating story that you will be delighted to read. Tradition has it that the Blessed Virgin Mary, sometime before  her bodily Assumption into heaven, appeared to the Apostle St. James the Elder while he was living and preaching in Spain. The Story of Our Lady of the Pillar After…

Full Transcript of First Ever Papal Speech to U.S. Joint Session of Congress

…elderly persons who are a storehouse of wisdom forged by experience, and who seek in many ways, especially through volunteer work, to share their stories and their insights. I know that many of them are retired, but still active; they keep working to build up this land. I also want to dialogue with…