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Catholic Scripture Study Bible - RSV Large Print Edition

…with extensive study materials and reference guides. This Study Bible will provide new insight and a deeper understanding of the Biblical foundations of the Catholic Faith, and is an outstanding book even outside of the CSSI Program, for personal use or with other bible studies. Includes 76 full…


Ignatius Holy Bible - New Testament (RSV) CDs

…chosen by the Holy See for use in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and all official English translations of Church Documents. Perfect for serious study and apologetics, the Revised Standard Version—Catholic Edition (a.k.a. The Ignatius Bible) is also the translation of choice for Dr. Scott…

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Mother Angelica's Private and Pithy Lessons from the Scriptures

The Word is made fresh by the irrepressible Mother Angelica as she personally escorts you through the Scriptures, unearthing lessons for daily living–the perfect companion to the New York Times bestselling  Mother Angelica’s Little Book of Life Lessons and Everyday…


Growing in Faith: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics

…accessible way. Fr. Mitch Pacwa's groundbreaking bible study,  The Year of Faith: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics , has now been updated to include reflections on faith by Pope Francis .  In Growing in Faith: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics , Fr. Pacwa uses themes and reflections…


Exodus - Ignatius Catholic Study Bible

…information pertinent to Exodus. The Ignatius Study Bible also includes Topical Essays, Word Studies and Charts. Each page includes an easy-to-use Cross-Reference Section. Study Questions are provided for Exodus. These can deepen your personal study of God's Holy Word. There is also an…


Catholicism: A Journey to the Heart of the Faith

What is Catholicism? A 2,000 living tradition? A worldview? A way of life? A relationship? A mystery? In Catholicism,  Father Robert Barron examines all these questions and more, seeking to capture the body, heart and mind of the Catholic faith. Starting from the essential foundation of Jesus…



This study guide and workbook takes each student of CATHOLICISM deeper into the Faith and into the DVD series (DVD set sold separately). It is appropriate for individual or group study. The CATHOLICISM Study Guide and Workbook contains ten lessons, which correspond to each episode of Father…


Study Guide for the U.S. Adult Catholic Catechism

…as a study session and includes: prayers, suggested Scripture reading, a summary of the catechetical theme, its application in today's culture, citations of relevant passages from the Catechism and the Compendium, questions for reflection, and suggestions for further reading. This study guide…

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Latin Grammar: For the Reading of the Missal and Breviary

…to read the Roman Missal and Breviary. Lessons and readings from these two books, plus from the Latin Vulgate Bible. Fantastic tool for the study of Church Latin. This way, when you participate in the Lain Mass, you will have a much richer experience. Its twenty lessons embrace Latin grammar…

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Unleashed: How to Receive Everything the Holy Spirit Wants to Give You

…through the positive and painful circumstances of life, relationships, and his Word. In Unleashed , Corbitt testifies that prayerful and regular study of the scriptures is the key to hear the voice of God, to see the Holy Spirit at work even in times of suffering, and to receive all the graces God…


The Navarre Bible New Testament - Complete Set

…the Catholic Church, are woven together to create a more historical account of events. The Navarre Bible New Testament is considered one of the best study bibles for Catholics due to its clear and informative content. The University of Navarre or Navarra is a private pontifical university founded in…


The Navarre Bible - Revelation and Hebrews and Catholic Letters

…1-3 John, and Jude). It provides extensive commentary located on the same page as the scripture text. This facilitates quick reference, Bible study discussion, and easy reading. This volume also includes the Latin Vulgate translation of the Bible for reference at the back of the book. The Navarre…

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Catholic Study Bible 3rd Edition: NABRE Hardcover

The hardcover edition of this landmark resource, now available in the NABRE translation, contains all the authoritative study notes, expanded essays, and informational sidebars for which it is known and trusted. The heart of this volume remains its extensive Reading Guide that leads the reader…

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A Textual Concordance of Holy Scripture (Douay-Rheims)

…full. Unparalleled introduction to Bible reading. A quick way to learn just what the Bible says on a host of topics. Truly a one volume Bible study course and a great aid to unlocking the true Catholic meaning of Scripture. Great for reference.  Dimensions & Specifications ISBN:…


Priest, Prophet, King (Bible Study) [Study Guide]

…the  Priest, Prophet, King Study Program, or to pray in any setting (parish, school, family, etc.) for the renewed evangelization. With your prayers, you will be helping to spread the good news of Jesus Christ and His Church.   Priest, Prophet, King (Bible Study) By Bishop Robert Barron…

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Fireside Personal Study Bible (NAB-RE)

Personal Study Edition Revised - Catholic New American Bible Revised Edition The New American Bible Revised Edition has the 2011 revised Old Testament & Psalms. The Official Translation approved for Liturgy by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Includes: - 156-page Catholic…

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Joshua: Ignatius Catholic Study Bible

study notes provide rich historical, cultural, geographical, and theological information pertinent to the Old Testament book—information that bridges the distance between the biblical world and our own. The  Ignatius Catholic Study Bible  also includes Topical Essays, Word Studies,


The End: A Study on the Book of Revelation [CD]

…classic 12 CD series The End: A Study in the Book of Revelation, and its brand new 170-page study guide! CD and Study Guide sold separately. Discover Critical Interpretive Keys With The End, you'll join Dr. Scott Hahn in an intense verse-by-verse study of the New Testament's most prophetic…

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The Eucharist: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics

…Eucharist: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics  you will see the essential connection between the Eucharist and the Scriptures, and through reflection and discussion you'll learn to apply the principles in your own life.  Perfect for group or individual study, The Eucharist will change…

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Catholicism Series DVD Set

…Fire of His Love: Prayer and the Life of the Spirit 10. World Without End: The Last Things See also: Catholicism Series (Book) Catholicism Series Study Guide Catholicism Series Leader's Kit   Catholicism Series DVD Set By the renowned Bishop Robert Barron A life-changing, eye-opening series…

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Forming Intentional Disciples Study Guide

…Now the book that is changing hearts has a study guide that will help you change your parish or small faith community. Created by people who have experienced the transformative impact of discipleship firsthand, the Forming Intentional Disciples Study Guide provides tools and resources to "break…


The Navarre Bible - Psalms and Song of Solomon

This volume of the Navarre Bible commentaries sheds light on the simple beauty of the Psalms and Song of Solomon (Song of Songs). The Catechism teaches that the Psalms, “whether hymns or prayers of lamentation or thanksgiving, whether individual or communal, whether royal chants, songs of…


The Navarre Bible Old Testament - Complete Set

…and Doctors, are drawn together to create a more historical account of events. The Navarre Bible Old Testament is considered one of the top study bibles for Catholics due to its easy to read, informative content. Each volume is self-contained, with wide-ranging general introductions, introductions…

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Fireside Study Bible (NAB-RE) Burgundy Leather Flex

Elegant and durable, this Catholic study Bible has all of the study features of our other study editions bound in an attractive flexible cover with stained page edges. This Bible measures 8 1/2 by 5 3/4 inches. Includes: Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation; Origin, Inspiration and History of…

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