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  1. Teaching Kids How To Pray


Kids & Prayer [DVD]

…Bible teaching featuring Br. Mickey’s illustrations, and “on the road” field trips to look at each question from a different angle. Your class will enjoy paying attention to this engaging instruction! Session 1: What Is Prayer? Session 2: Why Do We Pray? Session 3: How Do We Pray?


The Divine Mercy Chaplet for Kids (DVD)

…of the spiritual. They need the anchor of Jesus' Mercy to hold them fast. Engagingly animated, this program features St. Faustina teaching her young friends Kristin, Enrique and others about the Divine Mercy Devotion and how to pray the Chaplet. Covering such topics as the origins of the Divine…

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Bless Me, Father, For I Have Kids

…socks; busy teaching her teen girls to drive, cook, and diagram sentences; busy praying for divine protection while she races off to church (late) in her full-size van. But every so often, Susie finds a few moments to share the wit and wisdom she's gleaned from: Teaching her kids about the Facts…

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Praying with My Fingers: An Easy Way to Talk to God

…it is a powerful way to teach our children to pray that the Holy Father has often utilized in his ministry. Thank you God for loving me...thank you that you hear me when I pray.  Praying with My fingers Author: Pope Francis Teaches children ages 1-5 how to pray by simply looking at their…

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Wood Multi-Colored Children's Corded Rosary

Teach little ones how to pray the Holy Rosary with this children's corded rosary. Includes orange, tan, yellow, blue, rose, green, and purple beads. Made with wooden non-toxic beads. This rosary measures approx. 10.5 " long.  Colorful rosary for kids Small, non-toxic beads for little…

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You Can Pray! Meditations for Teens

…Josemaría Escrivá’s The Way, this book helps young Catholics to begin to do personal prayer with God. How? By starting with their concerns of family, friendships, and issues such as obedience to parents and other authorities, etc. Its 14 chapters and 125 points present many…

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Wooden Kiddie Rosary

…for teaching little ones how to pray the rosary prayers.  Also makes a great take-a-long to Mass, and even for children to lead parents in the rosary prayers while on trips. Be sure to pair with a how to pray the rosary booklet for a great gift idea combination. Choking hazard due to small…


The Stations of the Cross Coloring Book

…with a secondary coloring page showing your children how to apply His teachings in their own lives. Pray along with your children as they read the short prayer for each station. Stations of the Cross Coloring Book Pray along with your children Creative way to teach The Passion Crayons not included


Treasure Box # 1

…child's level, in a manner to capture the child's interest and raise the heart to God. Themes include honesty in word and deed, how to pray, love for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, the importance of Baptism, the role of the Guardian Angels, and how to have fun without toys or TV. See…

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Personalized Kiddie Rosary Canvas Mass Bag

…guide for kids: perfect for little ones to take to Mass. The colorful beads are fun and attractive, ideal for teaching little ones how to pray the rosary prayers. An added bonus is that the canvas bag is large enough to hold additional small books or other small trinkets to bring to Mass. A…

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Ralphie the Raccoon Prayer Buddy

…child to pray along as a child’s voice recites: grace before and after mealtime- “Bless Us, O Lord…” and “We Give Thee Thanks…” This Lil' Prayer Buddy Raccoon interactive Catholic toy is a sweet way to teach your little ones how to give thanks to Our…

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A Child's Treasure Rosary Coloring Book

…quiet place with just you and the Lord. Keep track of how many prayers you have said by coloring in the rosary beads on each page! A Child's Treasure Rosary Coloring Book Written & illustrated by a young brother and sister Beautiful images to color Teaches children to love prayer 8.5" x 11"


The Rosary Comic Book

…Or you can pray with it, using the pictures instead of the beads of a traditional rosary. There is a brief explanation of the Rosary, and a "How to Pray the Rosary" guide at the beginning of the book. Whichever way you decide to use it, The Rosary Comic Book will bring you closer to Jesus and Mary!


Choices, Choices:DVD

…God to present a variety show that will help kids grow in faith. The result is a celestial array of songs, storytelling, object lessons and interviews with children that teaches as well as entertains. Each episode includes a visualized prayer, an illustrated Bible story, two high concept kid music…

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Luke the Irish Lamb Prayer Buddy

…colorful plush lamb invites your child to pray along as a child’s voice recites an “Irish Blessing” and The Lord’s Prayer. The Lil' Prayer Buddy Irish Blessings Lamb interactive toy is a great way to teach your little ones how to pray from a very young age. Makes a great…

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Lily the Easter Lamb Prayer Buddy

…proclaims, “Christ is risen. Indeed He is risen!” This Lil' Prayer Buddy interactive Catholic toy is a great way to teach your little ones how to praise Our Lord from a very early age. Makes a great baptism gift, and a special gift for the Easter season. Features the Lord's…

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Mary and the Little Shepherds of Fatima

…unwavering faith and confidence. Read how their courage and desire to spread the Holy Rosary helped thousands witness Our Lady's Miracle of the Sun! Shows the visits from the Angel of Peace (Angel of Portugal) Charming and engaging illustrations Teaches how to pray the Rosary Page for parents…

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The Magnificat Rosary Companion

…step-by-step directions on how to pray the Rosary with all the special Rosary prayers, with new concluding prayers for each mystery. A special section gives commentary on the Holy Father's apostolic letter on the Rosary. Perfect for teaching children and those new to the faith, and suited for…


Louie the Lamb Prayer Buddy

…child's voice.  Press the lamb's leg once to hear the Our Father, twice for the Hail Mary, and a third time for the Glory Be. This Lil' Prayer Buddy interactive Catholic toy is a fun way to teach your little ones how to pray from a very early age. Makes a thoughtful…

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The Animated Passion Trilogy

…Ten Virgins. Each story teaches how to live our lives as we look forward to His return. Click here to view a preview of The Passion Trilogy The Animated Passion Trilogy High quality, scripturally accurate stories of Christ’s Passion Educational, yet easy for children to understand 90 minutes…

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A 40-Day Spiritual Workout For Catholics

…talks, teaching workshops, leading worship, and performing original music. He lives in Steubenville, Ohio, with his wife, Jennifer, and their six children. A 40-Day Spiritual Workout for Catholics Powerful scripture reflections Inspirational quotes from Saints Insightful explanations on how to pray


Thy Will Be Done! (Letters of St. Francis de Sales)

…doesn't pray enough To a childless woman, helping her to accept this sorrow To a priest, on staying faithful to his calling To a nervous woman, showing her how to be less troubled To a woman troubled by sinfulness in the world To a businessman, showing him how to find God in his busy life To an…


Holy Water and Its Significance for Catholics & Signs of Life (2 Book Set)

…rosary to the use of Holy Water -- from infant Baptism to praying with icons -- Dr. Hahn helps you to discover the deep biblical and historical roots of each practice. Each chapter covers a single topic, beginning with the basic facts from Church teaching and tradition, and then proceeds to answer…


A Christmas Story with St. Joseph

…book opens with Joseph's own father teaching him how to work and how to pray. He will use these gifts throughout his life to care for Mary and the baby Jesus. All the major events of the Christmas story as found in the Gospels—the dream Joseph had to take Mary into his home, the visit of…

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