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Handbook for Today's Catholic Teen

…popular Handbook for Today's Catholic addresses issues relevant to 21st century teenagers. The breezy, friendly tone discusses serious issues in a teen appropriate manner. The major sections confirm Catholic doctrine, practices, prayers, and the theology behind them. The book ends with a direct and…


Worry Stone Necklace

…God. A thoughtful accessory for our young girls    Petite cross worry "stone" with cross  A sweet necklace for young girls and teens Let her know how special she is to Him! Sterling silver necklace with a unique focus on faith Adjustable chain at 14 and 16 inches Made in USA…

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Teen Creed Marble Plaque

Teen Creed Plaque Inspiring words for teens are infused with vivid color to create a list of "rules" they'll turn to time and time again. The etched marble-look plaque can hang, or stand with easel backer. It's the perfect addition to any teen's room and a wonderful gift on many occasions. 4 1/2" x…

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Prove It! The Catholic Teen Bible, NAB-RE

…to exactly match the Mass readings, because they are no longer in print. Prove It! The Catholic Teen Bible, NAB-RE Author: Amy Welborn Gives the "why" to some of the biggest questions in the Bible Brings the Word of God to the hearts, minds and lives of teens Makes a great Confirmation gift

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Blessed Are the Bored in Spirit: A Young Catholic's Search For Meaning

…Young Catholic's Search For Meaning Brings to life the struggles we may have with our faith and how God helps us work through them An easy read featuring comical stories, and hard-hitting reflections that help us live a Catholic life in today's world Excellent for both teens and adults 5 x 8 inches

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Pure Faith: A Prayer Book for Teens

…Faith is a treasure trove of spiritual wisdom that every teen (and probably many adults!) needs. Pure Faith: A Prayer Book for Teens Filled with short, easy-to-understand and relatable readings A great inspirational book  For teens who want to encounter Christ in a deeper, more personal way…


Lou Holtz - A Teen's Game Plan for Life

…will want for their teen-age children he spells out his tested, proven game plan for life. Teens that want to define their life goals and then go about reaching them will want to read A Teen's Game Plan For Life. With 40,000 copies in print, this attractive new edition revives the motivational…

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Ablaze: Stories of Daring Teen Saints

…In Ablaze: Stories of Daring Teen Saints , Colleen Swaim examines the lives of eight young men and women who were set fire with the Spirit and set free to live lives of extraordinary virtue. All became saints for the outgoing, against-the-current heroism of their teen years. Read how Chiara Luce, an…


Art Of Forming Young Disciples: Why Youth Ministries Aren't Working and What to Do About It

Not long ago, veteran Youth Minister Everett Fritz counted the number of his former Youth Group members who were still practicing the Faith. The result? Almost all of them had left the Faith! Fritz learned that other  parishes reported similar staggering losses, pointing to a grim truth:…

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Don't Be Afraid to Say Yes to God! Pope Francis Speaks to Young People with Reflections

…world, Pope Francis speaks to the best instincts of young people, inviting them to do their part to build a better, more just world. He encourages teens and young adults to say yes to all that God is asking of them, even while acknowledging that following the Lord wholeheartedly involves risks as…

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Daily Companion for Young Catholics

Add this small book to the mix of tablets and smartphones that are daily accessories in every teen's life. The author, a father of 4 and a veteran high school teacher talks the talk that will get their day off the fast track on to the right track. In a matter of minutes they will read Scripture,…


Will Wilder: The Relic of Perilous Falls

Will Wilder didn’t mean to unlock his otherworldly gift. But that is exactly what happens when Will “borrows” a sacred relic believed to protect the town of Perilous Falls for nearly a century. Even though his intentions are good, the impulsive twelve-year-old unwittingly awakens…

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Baltimore Catechism No. 2

…Prayers Prayers for Mass and Communion The Right Manner of Confessing The Rosary The Stations of the Cross Hymns   Baltimore Catechism No. 2 Offers a concise explanation of the Faith that is both thorough and easy to understand Ideal for teens and adults who are new to the Catholic faith

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St. Monica & St. Augustine Mother/Son Medal with Chain, Handmade Pewter [Silver]

…mother, St. Monica, was a long, loving tussle finally resolved in harmony. Monica, always a Christian, raised Augustine in the faith, but in his late teens, he began to go his own way living a dissolute life well into adulthood. Monica, ever persistent, followed him, continuing to urge him to become…


Holy Goals for Body & Soul: 8 Steps to Connect Sports with God and Faith

…face regularly in our athletic lives and how they connect to God and faith. Hockey-playing Catholic bishop Thomas J. Paprocki has a message for teens and young adults: athletics and fitness provide daily ways to connect with God. Bishop Paprocki weaves his unique personal story with eight athletic…


Totally Catholic: A Catechism for Kids and Their Parents and Teachers

…faith, but also encourages you to engage in it. This is a great resource and gift for your kids and students during this Year of Faith. Children, teens, parents, and teachers will love this "Totally Catholic Catechism" Very engaging and lots of fun! Grow in your faith and be thoroughly…


Football Prayer Card Calendar

This football perpetual calendar has a daily bible verse to bring the Lord to your game everyday. “Always take time to pray and seek the Lord before you play” is just one example of the 32 verses contained within this unique gift. At the end of the month, mix them up and use them again!…

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Alpha Omega Dog Tag [Grey]

This antiqued dog tag is a well-crafted masculine expression of faith.  The Alpha is the beginning and the Omega is the end as is the last letter of the Greek alphabet.   As expressed in Revelations 1:8, so is the Lord God the beginning and the end.  The Chi Rho symbol, a P…

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PRAY Pewter Dish [Silver]

This trinket dish is a sweet, dainty accessory with a big message. Perfect for rings, a special medal, or your rosary,  with the “pray” reminder always at hand.  Fine quality lead-free pewter.  Petite size trinket dish Art with a purpose Fine quality pewter Makes a very…

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Keeping Your College Kids Catholic

Between the first day of college and graduation, a young adult will be faced with many tough choices that become life-forming experiences. For Catholics, these choices often include questions about continuing their faith. This pamphlet sets out to help the parents of college students understand the…

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Bless Me, Father, For I Have Kids

…to birds, bees, and flowers. None involving kegs and station wagons." Quelling her teen girls' phobias: "Top of the list is frumpophobia: fear of being seen in a skirt when every other teen at the party, except the statue of Mary, will be in jeans. It gets worse if your dad thinks…


Grace Before Meals: Recipes and Inspiration for Family Meals and Family Life

…all families face. In fact, research shows that frequent family dinners can reduce many risks facing children, including drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, depression, eating disorders, and poor academic performance. These are meals that nourish body and spirit. Fr. Leo's cookbook includes:…

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Arch Cross Necklace

…on a shorter length leather cord. A great style for all ages.  Leather necklace with cross pendant  Personalization included  Durable leather cord ideal for daily wear Great gift for teens Oxidized silver Cord: approx. 15" (L) Shorter length necklace Monogram initial on reverse


OL of Guadalupe Cross Mexican Rosary Keepsake Box

…medals. A sweet gift to pair with a devotional rosary on a special occasion or Sacramental celebration.  Wooden keepsake box with swivel lid Handcrafted in Mexico A sweet devotional display for girls and teens Ideal for storing rosaries and medals 3.5" (L) x 2.75" (W) x 1.3" (H) Made in Mexico

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