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  1. The Day The Sun Danced

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The Day The Sun Danced - The True Story Of Fatima (DVD)

…appearance to the Miracle of the Sun, the full story is so captivatingly presented that young viewers will want to watch it again and again. See companion lesson book The Miracle of the Dancing Sun at Fatima (item # 1065095) The Day the Sun Danced - The True Story of Fatima (DVD) Delightful…

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Fatima: The Apparition that Changed the World

…Lady appeared to three shepherd children beginning in 1917—where even non-believers attest the miracles there as the “day the sun danced.” The Virgin’s message, as it always is, was penance. But she also predicted the rise and fall of communism, the Second…

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Our Lady of Fatima Shining Light Doll

…return to the same spot on the same day for six months, and on the seventh month she would show them a miracle so everyone would believe. On the seventh month the Virgin appeared to the children as well as to a crowd of thousands. Then as the sun began to dance and move in the sky all were convinced…

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A Pilgrim's Diary From World Youth Day: #Krakow2016

Christine LaPorte of Oceanside, CA (@celaporte) guest posted for us on our Instagram feed from World Youth Day in Kraków, Poland. She returned home  and shared more of her pilgrim experience through her journal entries below. Thank you, Christine! Monday, July 25th Today we arrived in Kraków via…

What We Can Learn From the Apparition of St. Joseph at Fatima

sun appeared to leave its normal place in the heavens and whirl in a crazy and erratic manner and then head toward earth in front of 70,000 onlookers, causing terror in those watching. One columnist who was present reported that, “Before the astonished eyes of the crowd the sun trembled and danced.

Eucharistic Miracle? Hope in Times of Unbelief

…the city helping to clean, paint and convert an old abandoned elementary school into a community center for the youth of the community. On our last day before we were to return to our parish, the staff scheduled adoration with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament for all of the youth and chaperones…

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