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  1. The Pope's Cat

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The Pope's Cat

…of what’s happening in the world’s tiniest nation, Vatican City, than Margaret, the Pope’s new cat. But she wasn’t always Margaret, and she wasn’t always the Pope’s cat. She started out as a stray on the streets of Rome, and there are those in the Vatican who wish…

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His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

…cobbler. Pope Benedict XVI is the first German Pope in 482 years. He is the son of a policeman. The Pope has his pilots license and likes to fly the Papal helicopter. However, he never got his driver's license. The Pope loves animals and has a special affinity for cats. He has two cats of his own,…

"Meet Zorro (left) and Contessina (right...

"Meet Zorro (left) and Contessina (right...

"Meet Zorro (left) and Contessina (right), Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI's cats out for a stroll in the Vatican gardens." Photo credit: @dibanezgut / Catholic News Agency