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  1. The Reluctant Saint

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The Reluctant Saint The Story of St. Joseph of Cupertino

…friar who literally rose to sainthood. In the impoverished village of 17th century Cupertino, Italy, Joseph's peasant mother convinces the reluctant Abbott (Ricardo Montalban) to accept her son into the monastery. With the support of the kindly local Bishop who sees in him a great deal more…


The Legend of Saint Christopher: Quest for a King

…river with his tiny passenger, and see why he is called the patron saint of travelers and a model for us all. Engages the "reluctant reader"  Provides a strong male role model  Great travel book!  The Legend of Saint Christopher: Quest for a King Measures: 6" x 8" Format: Paperback…


The Year and Our Children

…and Easter are duly treated as the highest, holiest days of all the year. She’ll teach you ways to reclaim All Souls’ and All Saints’ from the popular occultism of modern Halloween. She’ll also show you why Church tradition accords special meaning to certain foods, colors,…

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St. Pius X - The Farm Boy Who Became Pope

…country priest, encouraging his people to holiness; through the steady promotions to pastor, monsignor, bishop, cardinal, and archbishop, which he reluctantly accepted but in which he always became the beloved of those he served; to his days as the Holy Pontiff, Pope Pius X, the only canonized Pope…


A Latina Woman's Reluctant Journey to Wearing a Mantilla

…at Mass. How does a woman come to change her belief about practicing an old Catholic custom in such a modern world? Here is the account of my reluctant journey to wearing a mantilla. To Wear or Not to Wear One day my husband, a faithful Catholic, gave me a fine purple mantilla imported from Spain.…

MAY 28, 2014: Start your day off with pr...

MAY 28, 2014: Start your day off with pr...

…degree of goodness is hugely affected by the attitude with which it is done. If you show resentment because you are helping the person out of a reluctant sense of duty, then the person may recieve your help but may feel awkward and embarrassed. This is because he will feel beholden to you. If,on the…

99 Questions to Complete Your Examination of Conscience

…them. Look upon this sacrament as an opportunity to make full reparation for your sins, and restore your soul's relationship with God. If you are reluctant to go to confession remember God’s mercy and compassion.  "Though your sins be like scarlet, they shall become white as snow. Though they be red…

St. Maximilian Kolbe's Bullet-Point Plan for His Life

According to the information in this blog post, on the night before he was ordained on April 27, 1918, Saint Maximilian Kolbe made a retreat and wrote out the following bullet-point plan for his life. As you will see, he was committed, determined, and serious about his walk with Christ. This regimen…

The Story of St. Bernadette and Our Lady of Lourdes

…girdle and a yellow rose on each foot, the same color as the chain of her Rosary."   In the vision Our Lady was praying the rosary. Bernadette reluctantly told her parents of the apparition, and in response they forbade her from going back to the grotto.  A few days later, on February 14th,…

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