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  1. Three To Get Married

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Three to Get Married

…The Role of Children Mary, Motherhood, and the Home The Dark Night of the Body For Better or for Worse Love's Reaction to Loss Love Endureth Forever Three to Get Married Written by the renowned Archbishop Fulton Sheen Beautiful, life-changing look at marriage Important reading for any Catholic

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Three to Get Married (CD)

…woman promises a man something that only God can give.” --Archbishop, Fulton J. Sheen Three to Get Married (CD) You, your spouse, and God: it takes three to be married! Learn from Christ Himself how to truly love your spouse The five tensions in a marriage: what are they? 7.5 x 5.25 inches…

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Handmade St. Cecilia Statue [Brown]

…story about her wedding feast. The story tells that Cecilia did not want to get married but was forced to by her parents and others who had power over her. At the celebration, as wedding music was playing, Cecilia tuned in to a higher level of art: she heard "celestial music," and thus…

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Christian Dating in a Godless World

to finding Mr. or Mrs. Right How to quickly end bad relationships Three rules for communicating dissatisfaction gently and diplomatically When to share past sins – and when not to The six steps to marriage preparation It’s better to be single and wish you were married, than to be married

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The Temperament God Gave Your Spouse

…concept of the four classic temperaments, and showed how to use them to understand yourself, get along with others, and grow closer to God. Now they’re back with more temperament wisdom, designed specially for couples and guaranteed to improve your marital communication, intimacy, and…

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3 Secrets to a Successful Marriage by Pope Francis

…gifts of God to say thank you! And in this inner attitude say thanks to each other for everything. It is not a kind word to use just with strangers, to show you are educated. It is necessary to know how to say thank you, in order to get along well together in married life.” THREE: ASK FORGIVENESS…

Mental Illness: Five Patron Saints to Invoke

…He decided to marry Dymphna to replace his wife, but the girl fled to Belgium with two family servants and a priest, Saint Gerebernus. Unfortunately, Damon tracked down his daughter. After killing the priest, the soldiers were ordered to cut off Dymphna’s head if she refused to marry her father.…

99 Questions to Complete Your Examination of Conscience

…a married person)? 56. Did I commit impure acts by myself (masturbation)? 57. Do I engage in homosexual acts? 58. Have I refused my spouse the marriage right without good reason? 59. Am I dating someone who is civilly divorced but still bound by a valid marriage? 60. Did I marry or advise anyone to

A Catholic Wedding Gift Guide

…books for marriage and family, such as the classic Three to Get Married by Fulton Sheen. CRUCIFIXES It's important for every Catholic family to have a crucifix in their home. You can never have too many; it's a tradition to have one in every room to serve as a constant reminder of our faith. HOLY…

Preparing for a Catholic Marriage: 6 Tips from a Soon-to-Be Bride

…can't get married without multiple heated tents, and apparently we need a dance floor large enough to land a helicopter, and rental lighting is worth more than my car, and THE GUESTS ARE GOING TO STARVE! Simultaneously, my dad and fiancé laughed, pulling me out of crisis mode. “We’re not trying to

Parenting Thoughts, Tips, and Prayers From Saints Who Were Parents

…So I can at least begin to imagine what it’s like to actually RAISE children. Secondly: I’m at that time of life where a LOT of people I know are starting to get married and have their own kids. This has helped me to think and pray more intentionally about the vocation to marriage and family life.…

The Real Life of a Medieval Catholic King-Saint that Reads Like a Tolkien Story

…So he decided he had six years to get ready for death. But instead of dying after that time had passed, he was elected emperor of Germany. Then he understood what the vision had meant. Henry worked hard to keep his people happy and at peace. To defend justice he had to fight many wars. He was honest…

New Book: Encountering Truth - 186 of Pope Francis' Best Daily Homilies

to the St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. It’s a working hotel for visiting priests, nuns and some lay people who have business to attend at the Vatican. It’s also the place where the members of the College of Cardinals stay during a conclave to elect a new Pope. Most people do not get to see the…

Patron Saints for the Pro-Life Movement

…heroic work, fighting for all human life to be respected in a world inebriated with materialism and indifference. She was a fearless advocate for the unborn, and opened orphanages to care for unwanted children and help get adopted by loving married couples. Read how she encouraged one…