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  1. Understanding Catholic Faith


Reasons to Believe: How to Understand, Explain, and Defend the Catholic Faith

Catholic Faith and to defend that Faith, charitably and joyfully. He shows us yet again not just what to say, but how to say it.”  Patrick Madrid , author of Search and Rescue and Does the Bible Really Say That? Reasons to Believe: How to Understand, Explain, and Defend the Catholic Faith

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Understanding the Mass: 100 Questions, 100 Answers

…act of Catholic worship, but also walks you through he Mass, explaining the meaning behind the prayers and practices. A handy reference for those new to the Mass... a trove of information for longtime Catholics! Understanding the Mass: 100 Questions, 100 Answers A book that even cradle Catholics can…


When You Suffer: Biblical Keys for Hope and Understanding

…on suffering  Shows how Christ’s suffering gives us help and strength to face our own Benefits:  Brings you peace, increases your faith, and strengthens your resolve in the midst of suffering  Gives you comfort in God's word when you are in pain  Helps you experience…

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Handbook for Today's Catholic

…Today's Catholic, Revised Edition, is also fully indexed to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. RCIA and parish adult faith formation groups, high school religious education classes, inquirers into the Catholic Faith, and anyone who wants to have the essentials of Catholicism at their…


Catechism of the Catholic Church

…what she prays (the Lord's Prayer), the Catechism of the Catholic Church offers challenges for believers and answers for all those interested in learning about the mystery of the Catholic faith. The Catechism of the Catholic Church is, as Pope John Paul II calls it, "a special gift."…


The Creed & Understanding "Our Father" (2 Book Set)

…of the first formulations of faith in the early Church through later ecumenical councils,  The Creed  tells the story of how the very profession of our belief in Christ fashions us for heavenly life as we live out our earthly days.   Understanding "Our Father": Biblical…

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Understanding "Our Father": Biblical Reflections on the Lord's Prayer

…related to Scripture and the Catholic faith. Hundreds of these talks have been produced on audio and videotapes by St. Joseph Communications. His talks have been effective in helping thousands of Protestants and fallen away Catholics to (re)embrace the Catholic faith. He is currently a Professor of…

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The Catholic Guide to Loneliness: How Science and Faith Can Help Us Understand It, Grow from It, and Conquer It

…to uproot forever the weeds of loneliness that are choking out the fruitful life God wants you to have. The Catholic Guide to Loneliness: How Science and Faith Can Help Us Understand It, Grow from It, and Conquer It Embrace the life God wants you to have! A powerful look at depression and loneliness…

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Grieving with the Help of Your Catholic Faith

…about the future -- about where God is in the midst of your pain. Your key to understanding all these issues -- and healing -- is your Catholic Faith. Grieving with the Help of Your Catholic Faith gives Catholics a meaningful way to help themselves or others through this challenging time. With…

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What Catholics Really Believe: 52 Answers to Common Misconceptions About the Catholic Faith

…author, and speaker What Catholics Really Believe: 52 Answers to Common Misconceptions About the Catholic Faith By renowned author and apologist Karl Keating A fast-reading, engrossing book Perfect way to understand the Faith and share it with others Great read for both Catholics and non-Catholics


What Catholics Really Believe & Proving the Catholic Faith is Biblical (2 Book Set)

What Catholics Really Believe The popular apologist and best-selling author of Catholicism and Fundamentalism , Karl Keating, addresses fifty-two of the most common misconceptions about the Catholic Faith that are held by many Catholics and Protestants. Drawing upon Scripture and the Catholic

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Radio Replies: Classic Answers to Timeless Questions about the Catholic Faith

Father Leslie Rumble was the godfather of radio apologists and one of the Catholic media superstars of his day. During the 1920s and 30s his show helped millions of people understand and explain the teachings of Catholicism. Then his  Radio Replies  books — a three-volume set…

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My Catholic Bible

…size book, and see the Word of God come alive. My Catholic Bible  is the perfect resource to introduce a child to God's Word and the fascinating world of the Bible. All of the important stories of the Old and New Testaments are faithfully told and beautifully illustrated. Verses from the…

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Catholic Bible Dictionary

…internationally renowned theologian and biblical scholar, has inspired millions with his insight into the Catholic faith. Now he brings us this important reference guide, written specifically for Catholics, which contains more than five thousand clear and accessible entries and covers a wide range…


Catholic Bible Stories for Children

…becomes a prime time to share the Faith with little ones. Saints, Psalms, and signs of our Creator's care throughout ... this keepsake will be a treasured part of your child's growth in understanding and love. Bible Stories for Children Fun, faithful and fully Catholic! Hardcover 208 pp.


Stand Up For Your Faith (CDs)

Are you excited about being Catholic but are sometimes tongue-tied when it comes to sharing your faith? Do you find that your Protestant friends are better prepared to spread their faith than you or your Catholic friends? You’re not alone. Many Catholics today keep silent in the face of…


Beyond Sunday - Becoming a 24/7 Catholic

…vibrant faith life built around an encounter with Christ and a deep understanding and appreciation for Church teaching, is often a foreign concept. Even engaged Catholics struggle with helping people live their faith vibrantly 24/7 or well beyond Sunday. Beyond Sunday: Becoming a 24/7 Catholic by…


Paul - Contending for the Faith (DVD)

…in the desert and dangle over the Damascus Wall in a basket. Cling to driftwood in the sea and stride along ancient Roman roads. You'll better understand the life, ministry, and sufferings of Paul the Apostle. Comprehensive study guide included. Filmed on location as part of "The Footprints of God"…


Catholic and Curious: Your Questions Answered

…liturgy, the sacraments, Catholic moral teaching, Mary, the saints, and life after death, all organized by topic for quick reference. In this book you’ll find not just straightforward answers, but a deeper understanding and appreciation of the truth of the Catholic Faith. About the Author…


Keeping Your College Kids Catholic

…For Catholics, these choices often include questions about continuing their faith. This pamphlet sets out to help the parents of college students understand the religious challenges their kids will encounter and suggests ways to help them continue down the path of deepening Catholic spirituality.…

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YOUCAT: Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church

…margins. What's more, YOUCAT is keyed to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, so people can go deeper. It explains: What Catholics believe and why (doctrine) How Catholics celebrate the mysteries of the Faith (sacraments) How Catholics are to live (moral life) How they should pray (prayer and…


The Catholic Guide to Depression

…sorrow that modern psychiatrists call “depression.” Then, as now, great faith and even fervent spiritual practices have generally failed to ease this wearying desolation of soul. In these pages, Catholic psychiatrist Aaron Kheriaty reviews the effective ways that have recently been…


Ten Dates Every Catholic Should Know

…by God to save his people and give new life to our culture and his Church Ten Dates Every Catholic Should Know  is essential reading for any Catholic who wants to understand the history of our Faith. But it will give you more than knowledge: you'll close this book with renewed confidence…


How to Do Apologetics: Making the Case for Our Faith

From one of the most respected names in Catholic Apologetics, Patrick Madrid, comes the new book  How to Do Apologetics: Making the Case for Our Faith . And it couldn’t be more timely. Seismic cultural shifts and increased attacks on religious liberty often place Christians in the…

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