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  1. Virtues


Cultivating Virtue: Self-Mastery With the Saints

…the virtues and set out on your road to becoming a saint by learning directly from the great saints, such as St. Francis de Sales, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Vincent de Paul, St. John of the Cross, St. Jane Frances de Chantal, St. John Chrysostom, and many others.  Cultivating Virtue possesses…


Heroic Virtue - Good Catholic Digital Content Series [Personal Subscription]

…come from the laity. If we increase virtue in our own lives we will overcome the evil we find in our culture, in our Church, in our families, and in our own souls.  But we won’t grow in virtue without a concrete strategy. What are the individual virtues? How do we make them grow within us…


How to Be Holy: First Steps in Becoming a Saint

…and accepting the merciful will of God in every situation. Kreeft stresses the simplicity of his approach to holiness, which focuses mainly on the virtue of love. Sanctity is love, he asserts, and only that can give us what we all long for—deep and lasting joy. How to Be Holy: First Steps in…


The Seven Deadly Sins & Learning the Virtues (2 Book Set)

…additional sins? How "the mother of the virtues" dethrones "the queen of the vices"   Learning the Virtues That Lead You to God: There’s more to goodness than keeping the Commandments: you’ve got to cultivate virtue, too, so that you please God in what you do…

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Choosing Beauty: A 30-Day Spiritual Makeover for Women

…life infused with virtues. Learn how to step away from gossip, grow in courage, practice mercy and enter more fully into the qualities that will allow your inner light to shine. Suitable for individual or group study, Choosing Beauty includes lively reflections on the virtues and questions for…

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Humility Of Heart

…in humility describes the nature of that virtue typical of all Saints - the one virtue that underlies every other virtue and without which none of us will enter Heaven. Says, "Impregnate yourself with humility, and you will soon find that all other virtues will follow without any effort on your…


Ecce Homo Sacrifice Tenner Rosary

As a child, St. Therese of Lisieux carried a string of beads with her, to count the little gifts of sacrifice and virtue she offered to God every day. Follow the Little Flower’s example by using this sacrifice tenner, designed so that you can pull the beads one by one towards the cross as you…

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Learning the Virtues That Lead You to God

…in such virtue. The wise Msgr. Romano Guardini, a German priest hailed by Pope Benedict XVI as “a great figure” who “aspired to the truth of God and to the truth of man,” leads you from a consideration of virtue in itself to a discussion of each of the key virtues that will…


Learning the Virtues & The Art of Praying (2 Book Set)

…the Virtues that Lead You to God : There’s more to goodness than keeping the Commandments: you’ve got to cultivate virtue, too, so that you please God in what you do — not merely in what you don’t do. In these pages, you’ll learn countless ways to grow in such virtue.

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Interior Freedom

…to our growth in faith, hope, and love. He explains that the dynamism between these three theological virtues is the heart of the spiritual life, and he underlines the key role of the virtue of hope in our inner growth. Written in a simple and inviting style, Interior Freedom seeks to liberate…


Man Virtues: What Am I doing in My Life

…These virtues are how we are meant to live. They’re what we admire in other guys and hope to find in ourselves, but most of us are convinced that cultivating these virtues is just too hard. Well, Bob is here to show you that with grace, the sacraments, and some holy habits, a life of virtue is…

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Patience & Humility: A Handbook for Christians

Find lasting happiness through the two virtues that lead to all others: patience and humility.  Heroism, self-denial, and even martyrdom are worthless without humility and patience. This book shows you how to develop these two key virtues, no matter how difficult your circumstances may be.…


For God & Country & Joan of Arc (2 Book Set)

…In these pages you will discover the true character and accomplishments of Saint Joan of Arc, and be led to meditate on her profound legacy of virtue. You will be inspired by her heroic love of God and Country and will understand how prayer and the Church's sacramental life of grace gave her…

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How to Make Sense of Suffering

…you’ll face in your troubles — and how to prepare for it in good times   Hope: how you can gain the life-transforming power of this virtue   How you can bring Christ’s light to others in their own sorrow   How to turn even your worst troubles into opportunities for…


Catholic Kids Character Builder

…Mary and the saints), Scripture (the Ten Commandments, proverbs, etc.), Church & Christian Life, Virtues and Ideals (Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Beatitudes, Works of Mercy, Cardinal Virtues, etc.), Qualities (compassion, patience, self-control, honesty, respecting life, etc.), and Applications…

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Cultivating Virtue & 365 Saints: Your Daily Guide to the Wisdom and Wonder of Their Lives (2 Book Set)

…the virtues and set out on your road to becoming a saint by learning directly from the great saints, such as St. Francis de Sales, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Vincent de Paul, St. John of the Cross, St. Jane Frances de Chantal, St. John Chrysostom, and many others.  Cultivating Virtue possesses…


Gifts of the Holy Spirit Cross Plaque - 6 inch

…the Lord to always be awed by the mighty wonders of our God! "  This decorative cross is a great way to teach your child about faith, virtue, and prayer for years to come, whether it is a confirmation gift or a gift for another special occasion.   Dimensions & Specifications…


Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Lively Virtues Bible Study DVD [DVD]

…Seven Lively Virtues Bible Study DVD By renowned speaker and author Bishop Robert Barron Intriguing presentation on how the Seven Deadly Sins inhibit our relationship with God and each other Learn how to counteract these seven sinful patterns and how to implement a corresponding virtue for each one…

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Lay Saints: The Noble and the Humble

…of prayer and virtue. Find a role model from among these saints as Joan Carroll Cruz explores: their acts of humilty that you can imitate how they performed their daily tasks with love stories of the saintly leadership of truly Catholic rulers how small, habitual acts of virtue lead to perfection…


Rome Sweet Home

…hope for our desperate days is this couple, the Hahns, and this story of their life and their conversion." -- Peter Kreeft, Author, Back to Virtue   "Dynamic, fresh, and devoted are terms which describe the approach that Scott and Kimberly Hahn take to assist in the renewal of the…

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Pier Giorgio Frassati: A Hero for Our Times

…hiking, which was for him both enjoyable exercise and the contemplation of creation, as well as a symbol of his striving for perfection in virtue.   Other important aspects that will passionately engage readers of this book include the story of the famous Frassati family, and the marked…

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The Seven Deadly Sins: A Thomistic Guide to Vanquishing Vice and Sin

…for greater virtue, deeper happiness, and more profound union with God. You'll also learn: Which sin can truly be called the deadliest in the world What takes place within our souls when we grapple with sin How each and every deadly sin is outnumbered by several opposite virtues Six deadly…


The Life of Grace - Revised Grade 7 Teacher's Manual

…the virtues. SEQUENCE: Part 1: God Reveals Himself. The revelation of God through creation, the prophets, and to the chosen people. Part 2: God becomes Man. Jesus, true God and true Man, Priest and Sacrifice. Part 3: God Shares His Life. The operation of grace in our lives, in developing the virtues


Our Family Wall Plaque

…welcome peace and love in your home, this decorative "Our Family" message sign lists simple messages that encourage a life rooted in virtues. A great look for today's home with a timeless theme to appreciate for years to come. Wall hanger.  Decorative "Our Family" plaque…

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