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  1. Votive Candle Advent Wreath

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Catholic Words Card Matching Game, Vol. II

…includes:  Advent Wreath , Alb , Ambry , Aspergillum , Aspersorium , Biretta , Cassock , Cincture , Collection Basket , Corporal , Credence Table , Crosier , Dalmatic , Hymnal ,  Lavabo Set , Missal Stand , Mozzetta , Offering Box , Pallium , Palm Branches , Paschal Candle ,…

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Votive Advent Candles Set of 4

Advent votive candles includes three purple votive candles and one pink. This set of Advent votive candles can also be used in a variety of creative ways for homemade Advent decorations. Place in a decorative dish and surround with holly berries and evergreen branches for an easy look. Votive Advent

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Decorative Gold Wire Advent Wreath

…in classrooms, or for those in a hospital or nursing home. Wire wreath with glass candle holders For your Advent traditions Decorative, new design Wonderful, simple way to display a wreath Metal holder: 8.75” (W) x 8.25” (H) Glass votive holders 4 tealight LED votive candles included

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Why Do Catholics Use So Many Candles?

wreaths with candles in the wintertime to create the Advent wreath tradition that we practice today. Each of the four Advent candles represents one thousand years in salvation history, from the time of Adam and Eve to the birth of Christ. As the four weeks of Advent progress, we light another candle

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