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  1. Water Font


Holy Family Water Font

A holy water font brings meaning and blessings to any home. The Holy Family font makes the perfect wedding/anniversary gift for that special loved one. This beautiful holy water font may be laser engraved on the back to include that special family name or date.  If you elect to have this item…

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Holy Spirit-Cloud Font 6''

Holy Spirit-Cloud Font In Lightly Antiqued Finish, 6". From the Veronese Collection. Dimensions: 3'' (W) x 1.5'' (D) x 6'' (H)

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Holy Family Font 9''

Holy Family Font, Cold Cast Bronze, 9". From the Veronese Collection. Dimensions: 7'' (W) x 4'' (D) x 9'' (H)

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Guardian Angel Holy Water Font

Praying Angel font in white resin. Guardian Angel Holy Water Font Measures: 6 1/2" 

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Our Lady of Grace Font

…special act of devotion at home? This lovely Our Lady of Grace resin holy water font can be personalized to include the family name and an important date on the back. A perfect housewarming gift!  Holy water font Our Lady of Grace design Perfect housewarming gift Beautiful and reverent Part…


Italian Crucifix HW Font

This stunning hand-painted holy water font is the perfect piece to have in every Catholic home. This Italian import has vibrant colors and a beautifully sculpted water bowl with golden accents. Metal wall hanging loop included.  Italian made holy water font Full color, hand-painted design…


St. Padre Pio Praying Hands HW Font [Multicolored]

…holy water font design allows you to focus on St. Pio of Pietrelcina and his incredible love for Our Lord. Bless yourself often with holy water and at the same time remind yourself of this saint's wise words: "Pray, hope and don't worry." Italian crafted holy water font Simple,…


Our Lady of Fatima Cathedral Style HW Font [Multicolor]

water font has the look of old cathedral style architecture. The pointed spires and gold tone accenting make this a memorable piece for the home. Promote Our Lady of Fatima's message of peace and penance, and bless yourself with holy water daily as a reminder.  Majestic Marian holy water


Mother & Child Italian HW Font

…Italian Holy Water Font features the Christ Child wrapped in Mary’s mantle: a tender image of motherly love, and a reminder of how Mary treats each one of us, her spiritual children. Makes the perfect addition to the main entrance of your home.  Sturdy, Italian made holy water font Sweet…


Small Lourdes Holy Water Font

This lovely holy water font is crafted in Italy. It features an image of Our Lady of Lourdes appearing to St. Bernadette. Includes fine details, such as the roses which are engraved on the bowl of the font. Holy water font Our Lady of Lourdes image Small and easy to display Made in Italy


Guardian Angel Italian Font

…holy water font will seem to leap off the wall with its three dimensional, sculpture style. A source of strength and peace as you go about your day. Get one for yourself and another for a sacramental celebration, special occasion, or housewarming gift! Ivory colored Italian holy water font …


Praying Boy Font 4.5''

Praying Boy Font, White Alabaster & Resin With Gold Painted Trim, 4.5". Made in Italy. Dimensions: 3'' (W) x 2'' (D) x 4.5'' (H)

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Antique Lourdes HW Font [Ivory]

This moving Our Lady of Lourdes holy water font features Mary standing inside of a shrine, surrounded by roses. The light blue accenting on her sash makes it stand out against the rest of the natural colored finish. It will serve as a beautiful and reflective reminder to bless yourself and ask for…

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Antique White Cross Holy Water Font

…why not give someone a spiritually encouraging gift, such as a holy water font? Or establish the tradition of keeping a private holy water font in your own home with this antique white font from Italy. Antique white holy water font Features an Old World style cross Handmade in Lucca, Italy Part of…


Personalized RCIA Holy Water Bottle

This RCIA Holy Water Bottle features a shell, a chalice, and a dove.  The shell signifies baptism, the chalice represents Holy Communion, and the dove symbolizes confirmation.  A great gift for that special RCIA recipient! Holy water bottle Ideal RCIA gift Personalization included Glass…


FC Cross and Chalice HW Font [Ivory]

This Italian holy water font has a serene, natural tone finish with thoughtful golden accenting throughout. The traditional First Communion symbolism on the font with remind children both to bless themselves and to thank God for the gift of His presence in the Eucharist. A gift to be used for…

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Bronzed L'Innocence Holy Water Font 7" [Brown]

Bronzed L'Innocence Holy Water Font 7" Lightly hand-painted color From the Veronese Collection Stands or Hangs


Brown Antique Crucifix Font [Brown]

…Italian holy water font makes the perfect piece for the entrance to your home. Invite your family and friends to come and go under Our Lord's protection in a special way. Also makes a thoughtful sacramental Confirmation or wedding gift.  Unique Italian made holy water font Serene, rustic…


Holy Spirit Holy Water Font

This Holy Spirit Confirmation Holy water font with descending dove can be wall mounted. A special gift that encourages daily blessing with holy water and a Confirmation piece that will be treasured for a lifetime.   Holy Water font with dove motif Rustic look Reflective, faith-filled piece for…


Crucifixion Font 7.5''

Crucifixion Font, Lightly Hand-Painted Cold Cast Bronze, 7.5". From the Veronese Collection. Dimensions: 3.5'' (W) x 3.5'' (D) x 7.5'' (H)

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Crucifixion Holy Water Font, 6 inch

…is ivory-colored. The font and surrounding placard is antiqued, highlighting the beauty and curvature of the lines.   Fully hand-painted Lightly antiqued and heirloom look From the Veronese Collection Superb features and detail Font is 6.75” long Hand-painted resin Holy Water not included


St. Michael Font 9''

St. Michael Font, Cold Cast Bronze, 9". From the Veronese Collection. Dimensions: 8.5'' (W) x 4'' (D) x 9'' (H)


Della Robbia Pieta Holy Water Font

…image fostering reflection on and devotion to the Crucified Jesus and His Sorrowful Mother. Put this holy water font near a prominent door in your home so that when you pass by and take holy water, you are reminded of the gift of grace and the price paid for our salvation. Ornate, meditative design…


Madonna and Child Ivory HW Font [Multicolored]

…grace of peace and faith whenever you dip your fingers into the Holy Water. Hanging loop included. Italian made holy water holder Sweet, serene design Ask for the graces of peace and faith Hang by a main door Whole Font: 4.75" (H) x 2.85" (W) x 1.65" (D) Water holder: 0.75" (H) Made in Italy