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Brass Ball Bracelet with Cross and Fleur-de-lis [Gold]

An amazing combination of pendants and charms, this stunning brass ball bracelet is absolutely gorgeous. A brass and quartz cross pendant, a fleur-de-lis camp charm, and an artifact cross charm hang brilliantly from this heavy brass bracelet and look fabulous on the wrist!   Large brass ball 7…


Fleur-de-lis Globe Necklace [Silver]

A gorgeous sterling silver fleur-de-lis with a bronze and brass eternity band around it, hangs from a large oxidized brass ball chain. The fleur-de-lis, representing the flower of the resurrection, is beautifully displayed in this lovely necklace.    18 inch oxidized brass chain…


Sacred Heart Inspired Sterling Pendant [Silver]

True love of the Sacred Heart never changes, but our outward expression of that devotion can be represented in a fresh way. This "Keep Faith" pendant offers a contemporary brass and sterling silver look. The brass twisted-link chain with pendant features a flaming heart, and…


Eternal Anthem Circle Necklace [Silver]

The circle is never ending...timeless...eternal, and therefore can be seen as a symbol of Our Lord, who had no beginning and has no end. This sterling silver circle with many brass circles in its ring, hangs from a long twisted link sterling silver chain.   Sterling silver and brass  1…


Dedalian Fleur-de-lis Charm Necklace [Gold]

The word " dedal" is from Greek origin and means "skillful or intricate". A stunning and interesting brass and cubic zirconia fleur-de-lis hangs from an equally beautiful twisted link brass chain, creating a necklace that is sure to be a conversation piece. We love the way this…


Little Envoys Crown Necklace [Gold]

Dropping delicately from a brass and sterling link, this little envoy charm reveals a beautiful crown of glory etched on the front. The crown of glory has long represented Christ who is the King of our hearts, and this lovely necklace is a perfect representation of that symbol. Hanging on a brass…

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Eternal Anthem Wrap Bracelet [Multi-Colored]

Absolutely gorgeous on the wrist, this Eternal Anthem wrap bracelet is a stunning representation of eternity with many brass circles following one another in three wraps. Brass and sterling silver compliment each other beautifully on this stunning bracelet.    Sterling silver and brass 2…

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Why Do Catholics Use So Many Candles?

…practices. Throughout Church history, the candle has represented Christ: the perfect candle, THE Light of the World. The first book of John gives a poetic description of this reality: “What has come into being in [Christ] was life, life that was the light of men; and light shines in darkness, and…

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