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Meditations for Advent & Meditations Before Mass (2 Book Set)

…Meditations for Advent Author: Bishop Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet   Translator: Christopher O. Blum 192 Pages ISBN: 9781933184876 Meditations Before Mass Author: Romano Guardini 208 Pages Softcover ISBN: 9781622821662 2 Book Set Meditations for Advent Daily…


Advent Reflections - Come, Lord Jesus!

…lessons we can learn from these holy lives. Give yourself an early gift, as Dolan leads you through refreshing and insightful meditations to make the most of this Advent season. Advent reflection book By Cardinal Timothy Dolan Our popular & dynamic cardinal! Our Sunday Visitor paperback 63 pages


A Catholic Family Advent - Prayers and Activities

…beyond." —Elizabeth Bookser Barkley, author, professor, and chair of the Department of English and Modern Languages at the College of Mount St. Joseph A Catholic Family Advent : Prayers and Activities Helpful Catholic book for celebrating Advent By: Susan Hines-Brigger Paperback. 64 pages

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My Book of Prayers - Revised

…daytime, nighttime, anytime! Includes all four mysteries of the rosary and an explanation, with a simple diagram, of how it is prayed. Also features prayers for the liturgical year—Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, and Easter-Pentecost. Includes the Stations of the Cross for children.


In Conversation With God - Vol. 1 - Advent and Christmas

…proclaimed by the Prophets Second Week of Advent: The Precursor. Prepare the way of the Lord Apostolate of Confession Our sins and Confession The way of Meekness Beginning again Tepidity and the Love of God Examination of Conscience Third Week of Advent: The Joy of Advent Purity of heart Who Jesus…

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Bambinelli Sunday: A Christmas Blessing

…end. This book for children ages 7 to 10 tells a wonderful story about sharing, comfort, generosity, and forgiveness through the lens of a long-standing Italian tradition. The beautiful illustrations and timeless story make this a treasured Advent and…

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The Year and Our Children

…activities, litanies, and recipes that will help make your children ever-mindful of the beautiful rhythm of the Church calendar. Learn how to make an Advent wreath — and how to make it more than just a pretty ornament. Teach your children about the real Santa (the one who was a bishop) and how…

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St. Joseph Daily and Sunday Missal (3 Volume Set)

…Masses with Volume I covering Weekday Masses for both Year I and Year II from Advent to Pentecost (and includes Ordinary Time, weeks 1-9) and Volume II covering from Pentecost to Advent (and includes Ordinary Time, weeks 10-34). Volume III is the complete and permanent Saint Joseph Sunday Missal, an…


Celebrating Saints and Seasons: Hundreds of Activities for Catholic Children

…prayer for Christian Unity week, a Lent poor box, an Emmaus walk, a Pentecost meal, an All Saints' festival, a St. John the Baptist Advent wreath—and many more. Activities for every liturgical season! Celebrate the New Year in January and all the way through to Advent in December Exciting…


Waiting For Christmas: A Kids' Advent Activity Book

…A Kids' Advent Activity Book helps children understand the meaning of the weeks of the Advent season through word puzzles, games, and activities. This itty-bitty makes a nice, inexpensive gift that Sunday school teachers, parents, and grandparents can give kids during the Advent and Christmas…


Advent for Busy Catholics

…of Advent. This weekly Advent meditation from bestselling Liguori Daybreaks authors will give you just enough to pause each week and realign your Advent towards God - no matter how busy your Christmastime gets. Advent for Busy Catholics Learn how to realign your Advent towards God with this weekly


Advent Wreath Prayers Pamphlet

Advent pamphlet Features Advent Prayers Use along with an Advent Wreath Great to hand out to family & friends! Details If you have family and friends who aren't quite sure how to celebrate the Advent season, or what the prayerful reflections are for each of the four weeks of Advent, then…

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Daybreaks: Daily Reflections for Advent & Christmas

…his glorious return—ponder all the people and things found in these pages. Daybreaks: Daily Reflections for Advent & Christmas A booklet that will sustain and strengthen your faith Combines weekly prayers, daily reflections, and daily Bible readings  5½ x 8¼ inches


Advent Meditations With Fulton J. Sheen

…First Week of Advent pg. 7).  Spend a few quiet moments of each day with one of the 20th century's greatest preachers, preparing your heart to receive the Savior of the world. Advent Meditations With Fulton J. Sheen Spend Advent with Fulton Sheen Features daily morning devotions for Advent


Live Advent at Home: Daily Prayers and Activities for Family

Live Advent at Home: Daily Prayers and Activities for Family is a day-by-day booklet for families is a perfect companion for the season of Advent. Each week begins with a reflection on the Sunday Gospel for parents and children to read together, followed by daily reflections, activities and simple…


Catholic Classics Prayer Book - Prayers for Every Day

This book features Morning and Evening prayers for everyday of the week, prayers for Advent and Christmas, the Stations of the Cross, prayers to the Blessed Mother, Thoughts from Holy Scripture, and much more. Size 4" x 6".

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Journey Through Advent: Our Top 3 Advent Prayer Books

…readings, then Advent prayer books are what you're looking for. Here are three of our most popular-selling books for daily meditations and prayers during the four weeks of Advent. [adbutler zone_id="207190"] 1.  The Essential Advent & Christmas Handbook The Essential Advent and Christmas…

Advent & Christmas Traditions: The Advent Wreath

…are books with prayers for the blessing of the Advent wreath, and special prayers for each Sunday of Advent that can be recited as each candle is lit. Here is an example from The Essential Advent and Christmas Handbook , one of our most popular sellers, taken from the second week of Advent: Parent…

Advent & Christmas Traditions: Advent Calendars

…Although the Advent calendar is relatively new way to count down the days until Christmas day, celebrating the Advent season is an ancient Church tradition established long ago in the liturgical calendar. According to one Advent prayer book , the Advent and Christmas Wisdom book series,…

Advent Wreath Prayers Pamphlet

Advent Wreath Prayers Pamphlet

Advent Wreath Prayers Pamphlet is great to have handy at home, at the parish, or to hand out to family and friends. This full-color trifold Advent pamphlet contains reflections and prayers for lighting the four candles on the Advent wreath each week of Advent, and is a great companion to an Advent

The Advent Wreath Tradition & Meaning

…of the Advent wreath at the beginning of the season, there are also special Advent prayers to be said around the wreath as a candle is lit each week.  Children in the family can also participate in this wonderful Christian tradition. There are many Advent prayer books that include Advent wreath…

How to Celebrate Advent Like a Catholic

…celebrate Advent like a Catholic. 15 POPULAR ADVENT TRADITIONS 1. Advent Wreath: One of the most popular ways to celebrate Advent is with an Advent wreath or Advent candleholders. Four candles (three purple and one pink), are used to count down the weeks until Christmas. Each Sunday of Advent one of…

The Best-Sellers: Our Ultimate Advent & Christmas Gift Guide

…late. Advent and Christmas books usually contain special prayers, devotions, and explanations to take you from the First week of Advent through to Epiphany. The Joy of Advent: Daily Reflections from Pope Francis With prayerful reflections drawn from the words of Pope Francis, this Advent companion…

Begin a New Lenten Tradition and Help Prepare Your Kids For Easter!

…that tells the story of Holy Week, beginning with Palm Sunday and leading up to Easter Sunday. Children open wooden eggs as they learn about the journey of Jesus, with each egg revealing the next step in His journey to the Cross and then to the Resurrection. A hardcover book beautifully narrates the…

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