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My Book of Prayers - Revised

This companion volume to My First Missal will introduce children to a wide range of Catholic prayers. Bright and inviting illustrations bring prayer to life! Invaluable resource for children aged 6—8! KEY FEATURES All the basic Catholic prayers, for daytime, nighttime, anytime! Includes all four…


St. Joseph Daily and Sunday Missal (3 Volume Set)

…Advent to Pentecost (and includes Ordinary Time, weeks 1-9) and Volume II covering from Pentecost to Advent (and includes Ordinary Time, weeks 10-34). Volume III is the complete and permanent Saint Joseph Sunday Missal, an all-inclusive Missal that provides the Lectionary readings and the…

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St. Joseph Sunday Roman Catholic Missal | The Catholic Company

St. Joseph Sunday Roman Catholic Missal | The Catholic Company

Find the St. Joseph Sunday Missal here: Having your own personal Roman Missal is the best way to follow along with Mass readings each week. This all-inclusive St. Joseph Sunday Missal contains all the official Mass prayers…

New Roman Missal Review

weeks since the introduction of the new roman missal and the reception seems to be rather sporadic all across the board. Some seem to have jumped on right away and almost have the roman missal third edition memorized and perfected. Others, such as myself, struggle very much with the new roman missal

How to Follow the Daily Mass Readings

…if you follow along with the Mass readings every day of the week, you'll have read through almost the entire Catholic bible every three years? One of the best ways to follow along with the Mass readings is to use a Daily Roman Missal. Following along with the daily Mass readings (even when you don't…

Journey Through Advent: Our Top 3 Advent Prayer Books

…of the heart, is through liturgical prayer---the daily Mass readings and the Divine Office. Reading the Daily Mass readings with your own Roman Missal or the Divine Office with your own Liturgy of the Hours set are both great ways to celebrate the Advent season. But if you want more of a personal…

Not Having a Good Lent So Far? Try This.

…the Roman Missal. * On Mondays - Meditative Prayer Set aside a small amount of time, anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes, to pray by yourself and in silence. Use a Catholic meditation book to start off your time of prayer if needed. * On Tuesdays - Fasting Choose one day of the week to fast.…

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