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The Catholic Mom's Prayer Companion: A Book of Daily Reflections

…companions to provide fresh, uplifting meditations for every day of the year. You’ll find encouragement when you’re struggling, reassurance when you feel alone, and comfort when you’re distracted by worry. Created by moms for moms, these hope-filled meditations touch on the issues…


When Women Pray: 11 Catholic Women on the Power of Prayer

…Prayer Leads to Service Intercessory Prayer: The Present Role of Women Six Fruits of Prayer The Relationship Between Personal Prayer and Liturgical Prayer Prayer is Essential to Health When Women Pray: 11 Catholic Women on the Power of Prayer Inspired by the gospel parable of the Ten Virgins 

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100 Holy Hours for Women & When Women Pray-11 Catholic Women On The Power of Prayer (2 Book Set)

…  When Women Pray-11 Catholic Women On The Power of Prayer Here is a book that can inspire the new outpouring of the oil of prayer for healing and holiness. Inspired by the Parable of the Ten Virgins (Matt 25: 2-13), this work proclaims the wealth of grace entrusted to praying women. In…


Pray Strong Mug [White]

…reminder of the strength of our prayers when we confidently turn to God! Uplifting gift for anyone struggling. © Copyright 2019 Trinity Road LLC/The Catholic Company Sturdy, white and blue ceramic mug Modern #praystrong design Reminder to pray without ceasing Designed and produced exclusively…


Praying for Our Adult Sons and Daughters: Placing Them in the Heart of God

…for parents who want to pray for their adult sons and daughters with the kind of power that makes a real difference in matters of the heart. Praying for Our Adult Sons and Daughters: Placing Them in the Heart of God Gives parents hope and a renewed commitment to pray for and relate  to their…


Praying With Mother Teresa & Works Of Love Are Works of Peace (2 Book Set)

Praying With Mother Teresa: Author Susan Conroy, a personal friend of Mother Teresa, gives us a meditative look at Mother Teresa’s insights on suffering, joy, peace, humility, and poverty, and brings us right into the prayer life of one of the most beloved women of our time, Saint Teresa of…

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Praying with Mother Angelica & The Prayers and Personal Devotions of Mother Angelica (2 Book Set)

…one of the world’s great women of faith. For devoted fans of Mother Angelica as well as for those just coming to know her, this inspiring guide will be a cherished companion along each step of the path to holiness.   Dimensions & Specifications: Praying with Mother Angelica: 5.25 x…

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Our Lady of the Rosary Alabaster Statue, 11 inch [Multicolored]

…and finely crafted in Italy, this captivating image of Our Lady of the Rosary very clearly reminds us of Mary’s powerful intercession when we pray the beautiful rosary prayers. The brilliant blue of her robes and the attention to detail of the figures makes this statue an outstanding…


The Catholic Mom's Desk Calendar

…Lisa M. Hendey, has collected Scripture verses, quotes from the saints, and other spiritual wisdom along with a quick prayer that moms can pray even when they face a jam packed day. This attractive designed calendar can be used year after year and will make a perfect addition to any desk, kitchen…

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St. Michael Auto Rosary and Visor Clip [Blue]

Keeping an "auto" rosary in your car is a convenient way to remember to pray the important rosary prayers during the course of your day. We've paired this handy and beautiful sapphire-blue one-decade rosary with a popular visor clip to complete your daily "travel" prayers. The visor clip is…

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Single and Catholic Book & St. Anthony, Finder of Love Statue (Set)

…asking them, "So, when are you going to get married?" This is the perfect gift set for them. The book Single and Catholic will encourage and direct them in their singlehood, and the statue of Saint Anthony is a reminder that he has been known to help men and women find their spouse!  …

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Bless Me, Father, For I Have Kids

…as well." Handing on Catholic customs: "When I was small, my mother taught me to say a Hail Mary whenever I heard an ambulance. It's really a beautiful habit and habit is the word - I don't know how many people I've prayed for whose car alarm was going off." Getting…


Special Edition Saint Mother Teresa Rosary [Blue]

When it's one-of-a-kind, you just know. This Mother Teresa rosary was designed and handmade exclusively at The Catholic Company. Chosen for their simplicity and subtle detailing, and capturing the colors of Mother Teresa's sari, these azure jasper beads are complemented by creamy riverstone…


A Worrier's Guide to the Bible: 50 Verses to Ease Anxieties

Ever wished for a way to stop worrying? That fears or anxieties would leave you? When you listen to Scripture, do you wonder if it is even possible not to worry? Gary Zimak writes that anxiety can be a blessing. If you think this sounds just crazy, then this is the book for you. Consider what the…

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A Year With the Saints: Daily Meditations with the Holy Ones of God

…reflections draw from the writings and lives of holy men and women across two thousand years. Their spiritual and practical insights for Christian living are as fresh and relevant today as they were when they were first written.  When you pray to the saints, you speak to them. Read  A Year…


Pearl Aquamarine Rosary Wrap Bracelet [Blue]

A great way to witness your faith, this wrap bracelet not only looks beautiful on your wirst, but it becomes a readily available rosary to pray when you find a quiet moment. The imitation pearls mimic the lusters found in natural pearls and are complemented by aquamarine glass beads. The elegant…


Confirmation Gift Box Set [Multicolored]

…faith journey.  An explanation card introduces young men and women to the pieces they'll find inside their box: You have just taken an important step, and are now an adult in the eyes of the Church. When the Holy Spirit prayed over and anointed you through the hands of the celebrant, you…


Rosary of the Two Hearts [Multicolored]

…serve as a source of comfort and beauty when the heart becomes heavy, and a reminder to call on Our Lord and Our Lady for their intercession. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. Immaculate Heart of Mary, Cause of Our Hope and Joy, pray for us.  *Due to the natural quality of the…


Experience Grace in Abundance: Ten Strategies For Your Spiritual Life

…Our Lord, how to pray with fervor and ardent love, and how to enhance your experience of the Eucharist. Johnnette also teaches you how to love as God loves, how to forgive as God forgives, and how you can begin acquiring the most important virtues necessary for attaining heaven. When you read this…

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A Year With The Mystics: Visionary Wisdom For Daily Living

…in fact, seems our oxygen. When was the last time you saw people talking on an elevator? We seem to plug in everywhere. We have earphones and screens and don’t evenlook up, never mind find time for silence. Our hearts need quiet. How are we ever going to pray otherwise? How could we ever…

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No Turning Back & Under the Mantle (2 Book Set)

…friends soon got connected with the Japanese Mafia. During this time of endless wanton wandering filled with wine, women and song, Donald's mother became Catholic and fervently prayed for her fifteen-year-old prodigal son to return home. Like a modern-day St. Monica, she trusted that God would…


Junior Saints Litany of Saints Pillowcase [White]

…how they can imitate the virtues they saw there. Help kids to keep the saints in mind when they rise in the morning and fall asleep at night, and invite them to pray daily, "All you holy men and women, pray for us!" Watercolor images painted in house. Saints pictured (Left to right) - (L1)…

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Meditations To Grow In Self-Esteem

…self-destructive behavior. It can be hard-sometimes impossible-to love others selflessly when we don't love ourselves and know our own worth. The Bible tells us in countless ways that God loves us. Praying with and meditating on the Word of God can become your daily path for living in the light…

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Thy Will Be Done! (Letters of St. Francis de Sales)

…To a married woman trying to bear patiently her live-in parents-in-law To a pregnant woman, tired, sick, and discouraged, who thinks she doesn't pray enough To a childless woman, helping her to accept this sorrow To a priest, on staying faithful to his calling To a nervous woman, showing her how…

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