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  1. World Mission Rosary

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World Mission Rosary & Cross Box [Multi-Colored]

…J. Sheen, inaugurated a World Mission Rosary. “We must pray, and not for ourselves, but for the world. Each of the five decades is of a different color to represent the continents.” It calls to mind an area where the Church continues her evangelizing mission: GREEN for the forests…


Wooden World Mission Rosary

This colorful wooden World Mission rosary invites us all to join the Holy Father as we pray for Christians and missionary work of the Church around the world. Each continent is represented by the multi-colored beads. Boxed with prayer card. Wooden World Mission rosary Colorful design Smooth oval…

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World Missions Glass Rosary [Multi-Colored]

…a missionary rosary as each decade represents the continents of the world. A truly delightful gift for anyone who serves the Church through missionary work. Pray for the needs of the universal church. Features a Miraculous Medal center and papal style crucifix. World Missions rosary Colorful glass…

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Multi-Color Wood Rosary

…our Holy Father. This is a simple wooden rope rosary that embraces the world in prayer. The Chi Rho symbol can be found on the reverse of the cross. World Mission Sunday is the third Sunday in October for the Catholic Church. World mission rosary Colorful wooden beads Pray for peace and conversions…

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Pray the Rosary with Father Peyton (CD)

…grew up praying the rosary with his family, and made it his mission to share that tradition with the world through his ministry, Family Theater Productions. Due to his love of the rosary, Father Peyton became known as “The Rosary Priest.” This Pray the Rosary with Father Peyton allows…

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Fatima For Today: The Urgent Marian Message of Hope

…for the world is ever in need of generous hearts willing to make reparation for those in danger of losing their way to God.   Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R ., a founding member of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, has been teaching and preaching retreats and parish missions for several…


An Exorcist Explains the Demonic & Manual for Spiritual Warfare (2 Book Set)

…by a demon? A priest of the Congregation of San Paolo,  Fr. Gabriele Amorth  was internationally recognized as the world's greatest exorcist. His mission of expelling the devil through incessant dedication has earned the gratitude of thousands of believers and the esteem of the most…


The Miracle and The Message: 100 Years of Fatima

…message in our own lives and fully embrace what Mary offers the Church and the World. Whether you know little about what happened in Fatima and want to learn more, or you already have a devotion to Our Lady of the Rosary, you will love The Miracle and the Message. Includes eight pages of photos.…

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Rediscover Catholicism: A Spiritual Guide to Living with Passion & Purpose

…(An Ancient Tradition; What Should We Read?; When, Where, & for How Long; Adult Education; Keeping the Star in Sight) The Rosary (Why Have We Abandoned the Rosary?; Benefits; Growth in Virtue; Fifteen Lessons; More than One Way; Mary) Part Four - Now is Our Time Time for a Change (Are We Willing…

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St. Gabriel the Archangel and the Mission of the Annunciation

…of the Holy Rosary. The Annunciation commemorates the meeting between the angel Gabriel and the Virgin Mary, the day when St. Gabriel announced to her that she would conceive a Child by the Holy Spirit. This feast is incredibly special because it is the moment that changed the world. It is the day…

A Pilgrim's Diary From World Youth Day: #Krakow2016

…Los Angeles. From Joel: “Lord make me new; It's not over yet! I'm going to win your heart.” // “Our world is filled with war and conflict because there is war and conflict within. Healing the world is possible but it has to begin in your own heart.” From Bishop Barron: “Sin is not a single, solitary…

The Catholic Company Lauches New Company Tagline: "Because Faith Matters"

…Cole, V.P. of Marketing "From prayer cards and books to elaborate rosaries, all of these items have one thing in common- they were chosen to help someone grow in their own faith or to share it.  Medals, scapulars, rosaries, and other devotionals are authentic Catholic goods designed to strengthen…

20 Marian Devotions by Country in Latin America

…Our Lady of the Rosary [caption id="attachment_16539" align="alignnone" width="640"] Our Lady of the Rosary in Guatemala. Image Source: Hermandades de la Recoleccion and[/caption] Our Lady of the Rosary or Virgen del Rosario is an image made in silver, carry a long rosary and a Child who…

How to Live the Message of Our Lady of Fatima

…happened in the sky over Fatima on October 13, 1917. In her apparitions the Blessed Mother always has a mission, a specific message, to proclaim. What was the message of Our Lady of Fatima to the world? According to this Message of Fatima Document from the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of…

Join a 30-Day Content Series Unpacking the Messages of Fatima

…do not know the whole story or its crucial importance in world history, the life of the Church, and our own eternal salvation. We're about to change that. The events at Fatima were a prophetic message from heaven for our modern world. They began on May 13th, 1917, and concluded on October 13th…

What We Can Learn From the Apparition of St. Joseph at Fatima

…blessing the world, while Our Lady of the Rosary looked on. I see in that peaceful scene a reminder of what we pray in the Litany of St. Joseph, 'Head of the Holy Family, Pray for us.' And in the convulsions of the sun, I see an ominous foreshadowing of the consequences for the world which are sure…

The First Marian Apparition in Church History: Our Lady of the Pillar

…living and preaching in Spain. The Story of Our Lady of the Pillar After Pentecost, the 12 Apostles dispersed to preach the Gospel all over the world. St. James the Greater, on one of his apostolic journeys, preached in the Iberian Peninsula in modern-day Spain. St. James was discouraged that the…

12 Catholic Gifts for Pope St. John Paul II Lovers

…her Holy Rosary. This audio rosary is based on Pope St. John Paul II's specific requests in his papal document On the Most Holy Rosary (Rosarium Virginis Mariae). It includes the Holy Father's personal reflections and brief meditations. This 4 CD set includes the mysteries of the rosary (including…

Everything You Need to Know about the Divine Mercy Devotion

…Mercy to all the world. THE DIARY These words of Jesus are found in the widely read and loved Diary of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska, which chronicles Sister Faustina's great experience of the work of Divine Mercy in her own soul, and her mission to share that mercy with the world. Jesus chose St.…

Video Lecture: Exorcist Priest Talks Spiritual Warfare

…their souls. [adbutler zone_id="207190"] A PARISH MISSION ON SPIRITUAL WARFARE How do demons work? How do they tempt us? How can we recognize their evil influence? How do we resist them? To answer these common questions, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary church in Rochester, New Hampshire, invited priest…

Three Sacramentals Instituted by the Blessed Virgin Mary

…the Church--are the holy rosary, the brown scapular, and the miraculous medal. The Holy Rosary The rosary was given by the Blessed Virgin Mary to St. Dominic de Guzman in the year 1214 to help him fight heresy and convert sinners. He was having no success with his mission, until the Blessed Virgin…

Divine Mercy FAQ

…for our sins and those of the whole world. On the 10 HAIL MARY BEADS you will say the following words: For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world. Continue in this pattern four more times as you go around the chaplet or rosary. In conclusion THREE TIMES you will…

What Happened to Francisco & Jacinta Marto After Fatima

…in a short time what Lucia would cultivate over a lifetime. Encouraging Lucia of her mission, she said, “Soon I shall go to Heaven. You are to stay here to reveal that the Lord wants to establish throughout the world the devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. When you start to reveal this, don’t…

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