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  1. Worry Angel

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Worry Angel with Card

When you feel as though you're all alone and there is no one to turn to, look to this heavenly helper to rub out your worries! Our own version of the worry stone, an angel in prayer, is cast in pewter. Card included.


Mother Angelica's Little Book of Life Lessons and Everyday Spirituality

…the air, and a queasy feeling in the stomach.”  — Mother Angelica Are you unsure of your purpose in life? Stuck in the past and worried about the future? Hamstrung by fear, failure, or trials? Mother is here to help.  For more than twenty-five years, Mother Angelica dispensed…

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Your Labor of Love: A Spiritual Companion For Expectant Mothers

…Your First Pregnancy Challenges Unique to Subsequent Pregnancies Bodily Discomforts; Mood Swings Making Friends with the Blessed Mother Tiredness; Worry; Fearfulness; Sleeplessness You Are Not Alone Seeking Physical Comfort; Seeking Worldly Comfort Praying for Your Baby (see special prayers below)…

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A Child's Treasure: Rosary Meditations for Children

…sound of your greeting reached my ears, the infant in my womb leaped for joy." Luke 1:44 The visitation is a moment of great joy. After the angel Gabriel told Mary that her cousin Elizabeth was going to have a baby, Mary set out on a journey to Elizabeth's house to offer her help. Filled…

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Don't Name (Or Try to Discover the Name Of) Your Guardian Angel

…their angel's name. It might seem odd to us, but we don't need to worry; all we need to know is that we have the amazing gift of a Guardian Angel who is always there for us. We need to remember this, and speak to our angel daily.  Read more: Get to Know Your Guardian Angel and the Angels of Your…

Be an Instant Hero: Our Mother's Day Gift Guide

…religious outdoor statues of angels and saints surround her in the garden, so too they surround her in reality, always offering up prayers on her behalf. #2: Your mom is sure to get soiled with dirt as she puts her new Catholic Garden Gifts in her yard.  But again, don’t worry, we’ve thought of this…

Six Lies the Devil Wants Us To Believe

…suggests we get to know the saints. Especially those who shared our vocation or those who shared our struggles.  For instance, as a mother who worries or grows anxious about my children's faith, I can look to Saint Monica who cried out to God for years in agony over her lost son. If someone…

Nine Unexpected Blessings of a Large Family

…seat. Often I have no idea what is growing way back there, but it could probably feed at least a few of the neighbor kids. At least I don't have to worry about my kids going hungry on the way to whatever it is we are late for. #7. In a big family, parents have an active prayer life...because we are…

A Patron Saint for Finding Patience: St. Monica

…grieved that her husband would not allow them to be baptized. [caption id="attachment_26544" align="aligncenter" width="680"] Apparition of the Angel to Saint Monica. Painting in Saint Augustine Chapel, in the right hand transept of San Marco Church in Milan, Italy.[/caption] Her eldest son,…

Our Lady's 15 Promises to Those Who Pray Her Rosary

…in this world, these promises from Our Lady ensure her assistance in the cares and worries of this life, and in interceding for us to obtain a holy death, eternal salvation, and everlasting happiness with the angels and saints in heaven. 1. Whosoever shall faithfully serve me by the recitation of…

4 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Catholic Moms

…as statues of angels and saints surround her in the garden, so too they surround her in reality, always offering up prayers on her behalf. GIFTS FOR THE BOUDOIR Your mom is sure to get soiled with dirt as she arranges her new Catholic garden gifts in her yard. But again, don’t worry, we’ve thought…

Imitating Mary's 10 Amazing Virtues

…overwhelming to us, but don’t worry. They’re not as daunting as they may seem. In this article, I will unpack each of Mary’s virtues and list practical ways in which we can practice them in our daily lives. Angelic Sweetness * Meaning: Angelic – like or befitting an angel. Sweetness – beloved, kind,…

A Pilgrim's Diary From World Youth Day: #Krakow2016

…voices. Worship was led by the awesome MATT MAHER AND AUDREY ASSAD. JOEL STEPANEK was the speaker for Life Teen, as well as BISHOP BARRON of Los Angeles. From Joel: “Lord make me new; It's not over yet! I'm going to win your heart.” // “Our world is filled with war and conflict because there is war…

The First Marian Apparition in Church History: Our Lady of the Pillar

…consolation, while she was still alive and living in Jerusalem, Our Lady appeared to him and his disciples atop a pillar of jasper stone carried by angels, while holding a smaller wooden statue of herself holding the Christ Child. The date was October 12 in the year 40 AD. According to one account,…

Mental Illness: Five Patron Saints to Invoke

…who suffer with mental and nervous disorders. Saint Dymphna has become increasingly popular in recent years as someone to turn to when experiencing worry, fear, and anxiety. Saint Dymphna can be invoked for help with a range of mental issues, from daily stress to the more serious anxiety disorders.…

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